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August 06, 2019
Before and After image of Keri Thompson
Left: Keri in January 2019. Right: Keri on July 21, 2019.

My weight loss journey is fairly common, but I guess you could say that it has a bit of a plot twist. I have been overweight all my life and have been stuck in the same old lose/gain pattern. Five or six years ago, I had a minor hernia surgery, which quickly turned into a major issue. The repair in my abdominal wall reopened and the majority of my intestines breached. The surgeon refused to operate again due to my weight, which was 319 pounds at that time. I lost nearly 50 pounds and had an abdominal wall reconstruction 3 years ago. Well, the wall breached again, and I regained some weight. At that point, I was told there was not enough room to safely perform another reconstruction. And that’s when the subject of bariatric surgery came up.

I met with the MUSC Bariatric Surgery Team and quickly decided to move forward with the Gastric Sleeve on February 1st of this year at a weight of 292 pounds. So far, I am down 63 pounds and I feel better than I have in years! I still have to undergo another surgery to repair my abdominal wall, but I'm confident that with this tool and new lifestyle, I will have a successful recovery!

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