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MUSC Health Center for Telehealth
December 23, 2019
Dr. George McGrath, left, and Dr. Jeffrey Blice

In 2017, Dr. George Magrath and Dr. Jeffery Blice, with MUSC's Storm Eye Institute, received a Duke Endowment grant to setup a store-and-forward Diabetic Retinopathy service in SC. This service allows Primary Care clinics to take images of the patient's eye and forward them to an Ophthalmologist to be reviewed for Diabetic Retinopathy. This aids in early detection of Diabetic Retinopathy (and occasionally other eye diseases), reduction in vision loss, and provides long-term cost savings. The Center for Telehealth and the Storm Eye Institute worked together to develop the service, and in March 2018, the first site (MUSC University Internal Medicine) went live with 193 patients seen to date. This service plans to expand to additional sites over the next few years. If you have any questions about this great Diabetic Retinopathy service, please feel free to reach out to Meaghan Grandbouche, ICCE Coordinator.

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