Eat This, Not That...Ice Cream

Amanda Peterson, RDN, LD | Molly Jones, RDN, LD
May 28, 2019

The summer heat is coming, and we get it, sometimes a sweet, cold treat hits the spot! And what’s cooler and sweeter than ice cream?!? The problem with ice cream is that it tends to be loaded with sugar and fat, thus making it very calorie rich. Additionally, because this food is a slippery texture, ice cream is not physically satisfying (i.e. it will not fill you up long-term). Ice cream is what we refer to in the bariatric world as a “slider food”. The good news is that there are healthier alternatives on the market! This “Halo Top” ice cream, for example, contains ¼ the amount of calories and is relatively low in sugar and fat. Though it does not help to meet your daily protein and produce needs, it can curb a sweet tooth craving without blowing your calorie intake for the day.

Eat This: Halo Top Ice Cream (Oatmeal Cookie Flavor)
Serving Size: ½ cup
Calories: 70
Fat: 2 grams
Added Sugar: 6 grams

Not That: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (Cinnamon Bun Flavor)
Serving Size: ½ cup
Calories: 290
Fat: 15 grams
Added Sugar: 29 grams

Amanda and Molly are the MUSC Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery Program Registered Dietitians. With 15+ years experience combined, they facilitate behavior change through nutrition counseling for weight loss and maintenance with children through adults.

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Amanda Peterson, RDN, LD | Molly Jones, RDN, LD

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