Getting Back on Track after a 'Hurricane'

September 20, 2019
Image of palm trees blowing in the wind

We’ve all gone through times when major changes come along to disrupt our routines: the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, having to move, getting sick or injured, losing or changing jobs, or a literal hurricane! Our goals get disrupted, whether they’re fitness goals or career goals or any other personal development routines. Getting back on track can be very difficult with these disruptions. How do you deal with them?

This month our support group tackled this topic and came up with a few ways to be better prepared next time something get you “out of whack” with your routine. Below are a few topics discussed.

How can you be better prepared for the next “hurricane” in our lives?

  • Find your support group
    • Even just a quick phone call to a family member or friend from group can help get you back on track - reaching out and connecting with those who have gone through a similar experience can be very valuable.
    • Remember - your body is your body - and not everything that worked for someone else will work for you (and vice versa)
  • Journaling
    • Write about a time you felt stressed, thrown off your game, found it harder to control appetite etc.
    • Write about your day or week; what you’re doing and how you’re feeling.
    • Identifying common events or stressors can help you better prepare a plan of attack
  • Preparation
    • Part of what makes and keeps a routine going is that you do it automatically, without even thinking about it (like brushing teeth, shopping at the grocery store).
    • Health habits are hard to make, but once you’ve practiced something so many times, it can become part of your routine.
    • Take meal planning/prepping for example, if you use a certain time one a week to plan out, and prepare the majority of your meals/snacks (knowing your week can get busy), this can really help when an external force disrupts your routine!
  • • Fall Forward
    • If you fall out of routine - focus on one habit at a time to get back to ‘normal/routine’.
    • Don’t be too hard on yourself, if that hurricane causes a setback, identify it and fall forward.
    • Learn from the experience and keep going!

We hope this season in your life (and year) are free of damage from hurricanes, but the next time one comes along, you can be sure you are prepared!

MUSC Dietetic Interns Shannon Kilty and Charlotte Griffith

Shannon is a Dietetic Intern with her Bachelors in Food and Nutrition. She is the first pediatric intern here at MUSC and is excited to be learning under such amazing RDs!

Charlotte is a Dietetic Intern with her Bachelors in Dietetics and Masters in Nutrition Science and Policy. She conducted research methods for weight loss while working towards her Master’s Degree and is excited to continue working in this field as an intern at MUSC!