Katie Lansbury Gives Birth at the new Pearl Tourville Women’s Pavilion

April 20, 2020
Grace Lansbury
Grace Lansbury

Katie and Dave Lansbury were concerned and nervous before Katie gave birth to their second child, Grace, who was born March 30 in the new Pearl Tourville Women’s Pavilion at MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital in Charleston.

Grace was born during the time most South Carolina residents were staying at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the Lansbury’s first child was born prematurely, and both parents were hopeful that Grace would be born full term without complications.

“We were nervous given all the media attention to the virus,” said Katie Lansbury.

When they arrived at 8:30 in the morning on March 30 for the pre-scheduled C-section delivery with Dr. Angela Choi, board-certified OB/gynecologist, they were surprised and put at ease on arrival.

“Dave was able to park close by, and I took the special Stork Elevator to the fourth floor, which is used exclusively for women who are pregnant,” she said. After going through a health screening, Dave joined Katie on the fourth floor.

“All the nurses and doctors were wearing gloves, and they also wore masks in the operating room. We learned that there were not any virus patients in the children’s hospital,” she said. “They were in the main MUSC hospital.  As much as we could, we blocked out everything else so that we could enjoy and celebrate the birth of our daughter. 

Katie Lansbury in the operating room 

“It was my first C-section, and they put me at ease and were very conversational, positive and calm,” she added. “It was nice to be in a brand new hospital, and it was so quiet and seemed less threatening.”

Her delivery went smoothly without a problem, and Grace weighed in at eight pounds, six ounces and was 20 inches long.

“I love my doctor,” she said. “Dr. Choi is wonderful. She is also a mother (with three young girls), so she relates to the pregnancy/motherhood experience, which I found very comforting during my prenatal care. Dr. Choi has over 11 years of experience, so I trust her. She also takes the time to connect during appointments and addresses all questions and concerns. I genuinely look forward to seeing her each time I have an appointment.”

Since their first daughter was born early, the Lansbury’s knew they were at risk for this to happen again.  But Dr. Choi guided them through options to increase the likelihood of a full-term pregnancy, while also preparing them for the chance Grace was born early.

“There was no way to guarantee a full-term pregnancy,” she said. “Dr. Choi gave me the support that I needed to be confident that all would be okay regardless of when Grace decided to come.”

The Lanbury family on a porch swing 

Reflecting on the hospital and her experience, she said, “I loved all the windows, the natural light, and the beautiful view of the water. Everything about the experience was extremely comfortable. The nurses were very attentive to anything I needed.”  

Grace roomed with mom the entire time and only left a few times for routine testing.

“I feel very fortunate to be in Charleston and grateful to have this brand new hospital,” she said. “If I had to be in a hospital, this is the one I’d want to be in. It has the best NICU and the best doctors in the area.  I believe in a teaching hospital and know the caliber of care is unparalleled.”