Well-Child Visits and Vaccines with Dr. Katherine Rittner During COVID-19

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June 10, 2020
Dr. Katherine Rittner

Dr. Katherine Rittner is board certified in both pediatrics and internal medicine, meaning she can see patients of all ages as both a pediatrician and an internist. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Dr. Rittner and pediatricians around country have seen a concerning trend of parents skipping well-child visits and scheduled vaccinations due to concerns about COVID-19. Dr. Rittner shares information about how we’re doing well-child visits and the importance of staying up to date with vaccines, even during the pandemic:

Are You Still Doing Well-Child Visits?

Yes! MUSC Health Pediatrics and Internal Medicine is open for in-person and video (online) well-child visits. You can call 843-876-1818 to schedule a well child visit with Dr. Rittner in North Charleston.

If your child needs vaccines, this visit will need to be in the office. Some well child visits can be done through an online doctor’s appointment. However, in some cases, an in-person visit is required. Examples include if blood pressure needs to be followed, other vital signs need to be checked, weight and height need to be measured, sports clearance is needed, etc. Dr. Rittner will help to determine if a video visit is reasonable for your child’s visit. You may be able to eliminate the need to come in to the office if you are able to accurately measure your child’s weight and height at home.

Can You Do Video Visits With Children?

Yes! You can ask your pediatrician if it is reasonable to have your visit done by video. It is possible that you would do one virtual visit and be asked to do the next follow-up visit in the office. These are a few examples of cases that are appropriate for video visits:

• Some well child visits
• Follow-up on ADHD, depression/anxiety, asthma, allergies, acne, weight
• Acute issues such as respiratory symptoms, some muscle/joint pain, mild injuries

Why Should I Keep My Child Up To Date on Vaccines?

The diseases that vaccines prevent, like mumps, measles, and whooping cough, have not been eliminated. Many of these diseases are a greater risk to your child’s health than COVID-19, which is mild in most children. Vaccines are a must to keep your children protected from these diseases.

How Can I Safely Get the Vaccine(s) We Need?

All MUSC Health and MUSC Children’s Health clinics are taking steps to prevent your children and family from being exposed to COVID-19. For example, in the Pediatrics and Internal Medicine practice, as much of the check-in process as possible is done by phone, before coming in to the building. Learn more about our patient safety and social distancing guidelines at Pediatrics and Internal Medicine and every MUSC Health practice.

What Happens if We Get Behind Schedule on Vaccines?

If you’ve missed an appointment and gotten off the vaccination schedule, it is possible to catch back up. Unfortunately, after missing a vaccine, your child is at an increased risk of acquiring the disease which that vaccine is meant to prevent, so it is important to create a plan with your pediatrician. We’ll work with you to catch up, following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines.

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If you have questions or concerns about your child’s vaccination schedule or general health, please call our team at 843-792-1818. MUSC Health Pediatrics and Internal Medicine is open in North Charleston, and we look forward to meeting your family’s needs.

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