SCTA Partner Spotlight

MUSC Health
March 12, 2020

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Palmetto Care Connections has been an outstanding partner since SCTA’s inception.

In 2010 Palmetto Care Connections (PCC) began helping rural practices connect to telehealth services that allows them to see more patients in more locations as well as offer more services in their practices such as tele-specialty care. They do this by offering federal assistance for broadband services, installing state-of-the-art telehealth technologies and delivering training and education to rural telehealth providers.

PCC also plays a key role in the expansion of telehealth in South Carolina by not only leading in the technology space of healthcare innovation but also by leading educational and advocacy efforts. PCC hosts the annual South Carolina Telehealth Summit which draws hundreds of providers and stakeholders from across the state to participate in educational activities and listen to telehealth leaders from around the nation. They also host regional symposiums that allow telehealth providers to collaborate on best practices.

PCC recently collaborated with South Carolina Office of Rural Health and the South Carolina Hospital Association to map areas of need for high-speed broadband that will allow for more direct-to-patient mobile health technologies to be developed.

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