Vaccines and the Flu

September 07, 2020
Child receiving a vaccine

Vaccines help ward off preventable infections, like the flu and measles, keeping us and those around us safer. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and flu season is quickly approaching, MUSC Health wants to emphasize the importance of preventable measures to help keep you healthy, which includes staying current with vaccines.

Continued Importance of Childhood Vaccines

Routine vaccines protect children from infections, like whooping cough, meningitis, pneumonia, measles and chickenpox. These infections can lead to life-long problems, or even death, among children under two years old, and they are completely preventable with the administration of the primary immunization series. It is incredibly important that parents ensure that their children receive their initial vaccines.

Staying on Schedule for Childhood Vaccines

While COVID-19 is still top of mind for most people, and parents, other diseases are still prevalent. Staying on the vaccination schedule is imperative for your child’s health. If your child has missed an appointment and gotten off schedule due to COVID-19, or for any other reason, it is still possible and recommended to catch up. Getting off schedule means that your child is at an increased risk of acquiring the disease which that vaccine is meant to prevent. Work with your pediatrician to create a plan to stay on schedule, or get back on track, if necessary.

Flu Vaccines for All Ages

Flu shots are the first line of defense against the flu. Preventing the flu is always important and it is critical this year due to COVID-19. By getting your flu shot, you reduce your chances of getting the flu and, in turn, reduce your chances of being exposed to COVID-19 while seeking additional medical treatment for the flu. You’re also protecting those around you who may be more susceptible to the flu.

MUSC Health recommends that patients of all ages receive their flu shot between October and December. If you get your flu shot before October, you may not be protected for the entire flu season, which usually peaks in January or February and may extend through the Spring.

Get Your Vaccines!

Parents can schedule well-child checkups and stay on track with vaccines at our pediatrician and family medicine offices. All MUSC Health Primary Care offices can provide the flu shot. Please call 843-792-7000 to schedule or make an appointment online.