Healthy Me – Healthy SC

Healthy Me, Healthy SC

Healthy Me- Healthy SC (HMHSC) is a statewide program, founded in 2019 by the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) and Clemson University after more than a year of successful pilot programs.


To improve health care access and health inequities in rural and underserved communities of South Carolina through impact and innovation

Guiding Principles

  • Establish recognized, statewide collaborative program that builds healthier communities
  • Build upon established assets/programs
  • Leverage the collective commitment and expertise of MUSC and Clemson
    • MUSC: clinical excellence and telehealth
    • Clemson: land grant mission, rural health outreach, and statewide presence
  • Establish new programs and partnerships via collaborative alliance
  • Focus on outcomes and financial sustainability

HMHSC’s Focus Areas & Current Programs

Pyramid four areas: Women's & Children's Health, Mental & Behavioral Health | Chronic Disease/ Preventative Healthcare | Cancer

  • Women’s and Children’s Health
    • Infant mortality — Establishing milk depots and holding breast-feeding education sessions
  • Chronic Disease/Preventative Healthcare 
    • Childhood obesity — Providing wellness training and installing community and school gardens
  • Cancer
    • Cancer Prevention — Delivering screenings for cervical and breast cancer through mobile units
  • Mental and Behavioral Health
    • Pain management — Program designed to eliminate use of opioid pain medication, improve patients’ abilities to manage daily physical activities and reduce functional impairment caused by pain.

COVID-19 Efforts

In response to the current public health crisis, HMHSC has deployed a mobile testing team to provide COVID-19 testing support as a part of MUSC’s larger COVID-19 testing initiative, to the rural and underserved areas of the Midlands and Upstate regions of South Carolina. HMHSC plans to offer similar support for COVID-19 vaccinations.

For any of the COVID-19 Testing Sites:

  • Drive-through and walk-up options
  • No cost to the community
  • No appointment or pre-screening needed
  • Can be tested with or without symptoms
  • If available, bring a valid picture id
  • If available, bring insurance card (the CARES act requires MUSC to bill insurance providers, but the community member incurs no cost)

For more information on COVID-19 mobile testing sites visit or ClemsonHealthExtension.


HMHSC Grant Accepting Applications March 8, 2021

The Healthy Me-Healthy SC (HMHSC) grant is a funding opportunity designed to improve the implementation, reach, and/or scaling potential of projects/programs that align with HMHSC’s mission: improving healthcare access and inequities in rural and underserved communities of South Carolina.

Sponsored by Healthy Me-Healthy SC, the HMHSC Grant provides a $50,000 award to support projects/programs, which show promising impact and/or results, with the award allowing for movement to the project/program’s next developmental milestone(s) or scalability. The project/program will be followed for one year to determine potential alignment with HMHSC past the award period.

Projects/programs will need to align with one of HMHSC’s four focus areas:

  • Women and children’s health
  • Chronic disease/preventative healthcare
    • This is a broad area that may include oral health, healthy aging, food security or any concept that is preventative in nature
  • Mental health
  • Cancer

Projects/program will be scored for their innovativeness, impact, scalability and sustainability (see Review notes for additional scoring details).

Up to two projects, for $50,000 each, may be funded this application cycle.

Key Dates

Application Opens: March 8, 2021

Application Due: April 19, 2021

Notice of Award: May 24, 2021

Application Process

The Application consists of seven components. All components are included in the REDCap Application:

  1. Project/Program Overview
  2. Project/Program Information
  3. Targeted Metrics
  4. Each investigator’s CV
  5. Budget and Justification: PHS 398format
  6. Letter of Support, if applicable
  7. Student Justification, if applicable


Applications will be reviewed by a panel including HMHSC leadership and representatives from both MUSC and Clemson.

Official RFA (PDF) 

To Apply

Email Questions to Kapri Kreps Rhodes