COVID-19 Positive Blood Draw Lab

COVID-19 Positive Blood Draw Lab

Rutledge Tower
135 Rutledge Avenue
Charleston, SC 29425
Valet parking services are available at this location.

Please contact your provider's office to schedule at this location.

NEW: Drive-In Blood Draw Lab for COVID-19 positive patients at Rutledge Tower. COVID-19 positive patients are able to be scheduled at the Wednesday Drive-In to have their blood draw in a safe, socially distanced manner. Patients must wear a mask and a short sleeve shirt. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided to you.

When: Wednesdays, 8-11am
Where: Rutledge Tower valet parking lot
Who: COVID-19 positive outpatients

What is the purpose of this specialized blood draw location?
To offer essential blood draw services for MUSC Health outpatients with known COVID-19 infection in a protective environment that will allow for appropriate social distancing procedures, ensuring the safety of our outpatient population and our care team members.

What services are available at this blood draw location?
There will only be blood draw services at this location. We are not collecting urine specimens or performing blood pressure checks.

Is this service only for COVID-19 Antibody Testing (SARS CORONAVIRUS 2 IGG)?
No. Although this may be the primary laboratory test collected to assist with ensuring our patients can resume in-person visits in the outpatient setting, this collection site will be able to collect blood specimens that our existing phlebotomy locations collect.

Who is eligible to use this Wednesday clinic?
Confirmed COVID-19 positive outpatients of all ages who require blood draw services for either COVID-19 antibody testing and/or other blood laboratory testing for continuity of care who are still in the COVID-19 infectivity window. Only patients who have been scheduled by their care team ahead of time can be seen.

How is an active infection of COVID-19 confirmed?
Patients must have a current COVID-19 infection flag in their Epic chart or COVID-19 listed in their infection alerts before they can be scheduled for lab collection at this location.