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If you need to cancel an appointment please call 843-876-SMIL(E). Cancellations should be made at least 24 hours prior to the appointment.

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Which Clinic is Right for Me?

Student Clinic

Cost: $
Appointment Length: ++++
Level of Provider Education: Pre-DMD
When do you need to be seen? I can wait a few months.
Are you okay if your dentist changes over time? Yes.

Graduate & Resident Clinic

Cost: $$
Appointment Length: ++
Level of Provider Education: DDS/DMD pursuing graduation education
When do you need to be seen? ASAP.
Are you okay if your dentist changes over time? Yes.

Dental Faculty Practice

Cost: $$$
Appointment Length: +
Level of Provider Education: DDS/DMD + necessary postdoc training
When do you need to be seen? ASAP.
Are you okay if your dentist changes over time? No.


Patients with dental insurance are expected to pay for services as they are rendered. Insurance claim forms are made available to the patient by one of the College of Dental Medicine cashiers. The patient is responsible for filing his/her own insurance benefits for self-reimbursement. Help is available upon request at the cashier checkout area.


A fee is charged for all patient services and the patient is expected to pay for the service as treatment is rendered. Since most of the care is provided by dental students who are carefully supervised by faculty, treatment usually progresses more slowly than in a private office. To compensate for this inconvenience, the cost of treatment is substantially lower than those charged by a private dentist. A treatment plan including approximate fees will be presented to the patient prior to treatment being rendered. Treatment plans and fees may change as treatment progresses or changes. Patients should expect annual fee increases. 

The College of Dental Medicine requires payment in full at the beginning of any treatment for crowns, bridges, partial dentures, complete dentures, or implants. Payment can be made by cash, check, VISA, Master Card, Discover, or American Express.

Fees for Routine Care Student Clinic

The initial screening fee, plus the next three scheduled appointments (Radiographs, Periodontal Cleaning, Treatment Planning) is $250.00. Treatment plan fees will be presented before treatment and will be in addition to the initial fee.

Fees for General Dentistry Resident Clinic

The fee for the initial appointment is $308.00, which covers gathering information and personal records, discussing treatment options, a comprehensive exam and x-ray series, study models of your teeth, and (if time permits) a dental cleaning. If the patient has current x-rays of good quality, this may allow for a reduction in costs for the appointment.

Fees for Specialty Care Resident Clinic / Faculty Practice

Fees for Specialty Care Resident Clinic and the Faculty Practice vary based on the treatment needed.


Patient Resources

Online Dental Health Record (Patient Portal)

The online Dental Patient Portal is for patients who are already registered in the MUSC Dental System.

If you need help obtaining your log on or password, please call 843-876-SMIL(E).