Exercise Services

Care team member assisting man using exercise equipment.

Exercise or movement therapy is an integral part of your overall health, offering benefits beyond that of traditional medicine. Our individualized approaches can boost both your mood and immune system, reducing the risk of disease and improving your quality of life.

Breast Cancer Survivor Program & Others

The MUSC Wellness Center, supported by the Health & Wellness Institute, works with providers to develop programs tailored to the specific needs of chronic disease and special patient populations, focusing on physical fitness while providing a sense of community support for the patient. Its Survivors' Fit Club is a 10-week exercise, nutrition and behavioral-change program designed for breast cancer survivors. With guidance from a MUSC registered dietitian, exercise physiologist, post-rehab exercise specialist, health coach, cognitive behavioral therapist and certified personal trainers, the program focuses on improved cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, body composition, fatigue, anxiety, depression, self-esteem and quality of life factors specific to cancer survivors. The result is a powerful healing process that is not only physical but also mental, giving participants the emotional support of each other as they enter into the complex phase of survivorship.

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Breast Cancer Survivor Program sessions cannot be scheduled through the MUSC app. Please visit the website, call 843-792-4141, or email medfit@musc.edu

The next session’s dates are September 20-November 22, 2021.

Injury Prevention Program

MUSC Health Sports Rehabilitation has developed an injury prevention program based on current research and analysis of sport-specific injuries. Our approach focuses on age-group and sport specific needs and physiologic maturity levels to teach athletes the proper form and techniques required for safe athletic participation. This method is primarily geared toward protecting the joints of the lower extremities and core, and can be adjusted for multiple sports. A variety of strengthening, flexibility, stabilization, and dynamic exercises intended to decrease injuries and enhance an athlete's in-season and off-season training.

Interested in learning more or want to schedule for your club sport, team or request an individual session? Call the Health & Wellness Institute at 843-985-0802.

Return to Play Bridge Program

We have taken the guesswork out of finding qualified and skilled providers for your sports performance recovery. This program is designed for the individual who is ready to transition to sport specific training after physical therapy. The program consists of small group training sessions tailored to each athlete’s needs and includes continuous communication between your medical team, coach and parents. Aspects of the program include:

  • Dynamic sport-specific warm-up
  • Strengthening the core, and all lower extremity muscles in functional movement and sport specific patterns
  • Agility drills
  • Identification and correction of biomechanical flaws
  • Jumping and cutting activities
  • Acceleration/deceleration drills

The Bridge Program is a service of the physical therapy department of MUSC Health and in some instances, is covered by insurance through your physical therapy benefits.

To schedule an appointment, please call the Health & Wellness Institute at 843-985-0802.

Coming soon to the Health and Wellness Institute

  • Sports-Specific Fitness Programs
  • MUSC Health Performance Lab powered by Onegevity