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MINDFUL by Sodexo is a new innovative approach to healthy eating. The MINDFUL approach to healthy eating is filled with choices, satisfying flavors, full plates and healthy indulgence. The MINDFUL approach is about making healthy choices become second nature.

SAVOR THE FLAVOR of Eating Right

Southern cuisine can be as healthy as it is delicious. The local flavor is as diverse and vibrant as the Native American, European, Caribbean and African roots that influence it. In origin, it’s heavily plant based, includes low fat protein sources and uses low salt, low fat cooking techniques to promote fullness without overdoing calories.


Prepare food at home that balance nutrition and enticing flavors to create an indulgent way to enjoy healthy eating.

More MINDFUL Meals Local Chefs Series

For the MUSC Local Chef Series, a recipe from a popular, local restaurant got a “recipe makeover” – cutting calories, sodium, and cholesterol for a healthier bite with the same great taste - Thanks to all the great local restaurant participants!

Jack of Cups Saloon

Burton’s Grill

Bohemian Bull

Amen Street

Five Loaves

Mex 1 Coastal Cantina

Swamp Fox

Kitchen 208


Nutritional Videos 

View the following videos presented by Melissa Macher, RDN, LD, outpatient clinical nutrition manager and telehealth dietitian to learn more about healthy eating, especially to help control blood sugar.