West Ashley Primary Care

Dr. Justin Dean is a family medicine doctor with a holistic approach to care, who treats patients of all ages at West Ashley Primary Care, located on Charlie Hall.

We have moved! Our new office is located at 2075 Charlie Hall Boulevard, as of Monday, December 30. Our phone number and open hours remain the same. If you have an appointment after December 30, your appointment time will not change, but please plan to visit us at the new office.  Please call 843-876-3151 with any questions.

Welcome to West Ashley Primary Care. Our Family Medicine providers offer comprehensive health care for patients of all ages. Your provider will see you for routine wellness and preventive care appointments; can guide you through diagnosis and treatment planning for a range of diseases and conditions; and will serve as a liaison between any other health care providers and specialists you may see. 

Phone: 843-876-3151
New patients please call 843-792-7000

Office hours:
8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday


Primary Care - West Ashley

2075 Charlie Hall Boulevard
Charleston, SC 29406
Scheduling: 843-876-3151

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