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Individual Services

In addition to our weight management package programs, we also offer individual services, so that patients may customize their weight management programs and choose the specific services to suit their preferences. Available options include:

  • Nutrition Consultation
    A registered dietitian is available to meet on an individual basis for weight management, low-fat, low-cholesterol diets, low-sodium diets, diabetes meal planning, and other nutrition-related concerns.
  • Medication Management Consultation
    Weight Management Center physicians can evaluate you for the latest FDA-approved weight control medication and oversee your treatment.
  • Exercise Consultation
    Attend individual meetings with an exercise physiologist to develop or alter exercise routines. Also, patients of the Weight Management Center may access the Medical University Wellness Center (with membership fees).
  • Behavioral Instruction
    On an individual basis we can help you adopt necessary behavioral and cognitive changes and target problem areas that may impact your ability to lose weight and maintain weight loss.
  • Body Composition (percent body fat) Assessment
    Bioelectrical impedance is used to determine total body fat percentage and to make recommendations for improvement.
  • MedGem Assessment
    We measure your oxygen consumption to determine how many calories you can consume at rest to maintain current weight.