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Individual Weight Management

The Individual Weight Management program is a highly customizable program that combines several services that will give you a good start on developing a healthy lifestyle approach to weight loss. The program consists of three appointments:

  • Dietary planning session with a registered dietitian (includes customized meal plan).
  • Exercise planning session with an exercise physiologist (includes customized exercise plan).
  • Appointment of your choice; choose to meet with a registered dietitian, an exercise physiologist, or a behavioral specialist.

If that's all you needed, then three visits and you're on your way. The only downside is that there is not as much accountability in this program compared to our longer, more intensive programs; this would most likely not be a good program if you believe you need more rather than less accountability.

Cost: $250

Ways to Pay

You can choose to pay for your weight loss program using payroll deduction, by credit card, or by paying at the WMC Clinic. After selecting one of the options below, you will be asked to fill out the program registration paperwork.

Payroll Deduction Option

This option is for MUSC/MUHA/MUSCP employees and their spouses only.

Credit Card Option

Make a credit card payment now.

Pay at Your First Visit

If you would like to pay when you visit the Weight Management Clinic, then please fill out the registration form, print the program paperwork, and bring it with you to the Weight Management Center office.