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ExpertEase provides individuals with the opportunity to gain insight into areas of weight management without having to commit to a long term program. People can elect to meet via video or phone with a registered dietitian, exercise physiologist, or behavioral specialist to answer specific questions, get meal plan ideas, or just for general weight management information.

ExpertEase is a $50.00 per session, made payable prior to appointment. The 30-minute video session can be made with a registered dietitian, exercise physiologist, or psychologist. Participants are not limited to just one session.

Session Topics

Topics for ExpertEase visits may include, but are not limited to, the examples below:


  • Get assistance with food swaps and substitutions.
  • Get help with portion sizes.
  • Learn how to read the nutrition facts panel. (Example: What's the most important item on the nutrition label?)
  • Learn how to increase your fruit and vegetable intake/variety.


  • Learn how to start an exercise program.
  • Know the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise
  • How hard should you be exercising. What should your exercise heart rate be.
  • Learn important aspects of the exercise prescription.
  • Aerobic exercise vs. strength training.


  • Having trouble getting motivated to lose weight.
  • Stuck on a weight loss plateau.
  • Are weight loss medications right for you.
  • Having trouble getting back in control after "falling off the wagon."
  • What is your ideal weight


The ExpertEase program costs $50 per 30-minute session. You can sign up for as many sessions as you would like.

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