Current & Former Fellows

Current Fellows

Thomas Corbett 

Thomas Corbett, MHA – Health System Finance (University of Kentucky)

Zakiya Cox 

Zakiya Cox, MPH, MSHA – Information Solutions (University of Alabama at Birmingham)

James Deacon 

Jake Deacon, MHA – Operations (Baylor University)

Cokeitha Gaddist 

Cokeitha Gaddist, DHA – Executive Fellow, UHN – Operations & Nursing (MUSC)

Niles Goodfellow 

Niles Goodfellow, MHA – UHN-Perioperative/Anesthesia (MUSC)

Forrest Jones 

Forest Jones, MHA – MUSC Health – Lancaster Division (University of Memphis)

Connor Loesing 

Connor Loesing, MHA – OCEO (University of Missouri)

Hanna Maghsoud 

Hanna Maghsoud, MHA – MUSC Health Solutions (MUSC)

Mike Messina 

Michaelangelo Messina, MHA – COM-UMA Finance (University of Scranton)

Dwayne Morrow 

Dwayne Morrow, Jr., MPA – Health Systems Quality (University of Texas – Tyler)

David Redden 

David Redden, MHA – Health System Affiliations (MUSC)

Shimoni Shah 

Shimoni Shah, MHA – Health System Strategy (George Washington University)

Carter Shelton 

Carter Shelton, MSCHCM – Ambulatory Operations (Johns Hopkins University)

Elizabeth Steele 

Elizabeth Steele, MHA – MUSC Health Florence Division (University of Scranton)


Former Fellows

Name  Year Graduate School Track Current Position & Organization
James Appleby, MHA 2019 to 2020 Medical University of SC Performance Management Internal Consultant, OCEO -Performance Services, MUSC Health System
Arjita Bhargava, MHA 2019 to 2020 University of Scranton Human Capital Human Resource Business Partner, MUSC Health –Charleston Division
Elizabeth Baer, MHA 2019 to 2020 Medical University of SC Ambulatory Operations Administrative Fellow, MUSC Heath
Larrin Collins, MHA 2019 to 2020 University of Kentucky OCEO/Integration Management Internal Consultant, OCEO -Performance Services, MUSC Health System
Shawn Gathers, DHA 2019 to 2020 Medical University of SC Information Solutions Community Response Consultant, MUSC Health
Jackson Ingalls, MHA 2019 to 2020 Medical University of SC  Finance/MUHA Business Coordinator, Pharmacy and Specialty Surgical & Spine, MUSC Health System
Andy Irwin, MHA 2019 to 2020 University of Florida Finance/MUSCP Administrative Fellow, MUSC Health
Abby Kenny, MHA 2019 to 2020 University of Missouri Quality Administrative Fellow, MUSC Health
Timothy Mladenetz, MBA 2019 to 2020 St. Joseph's University Strategy Strategic Planning Associate, MUSC Health System
Kimberlyn Truesdell, MHA 2019 to 2020 Baylor University Operations United States Military
Brody Williamson, MSHA, MBA 2019 to 2020 University of Alabama at Birmingham Finance/Enterprise Business Coordinator, Supply Chain, MUSC Health System
Name  Year Graduate School Track Current Position & Organization
Aykhan Alibayli, MPH  2018 to 2019 Yale University  Quality Consultant, Vizient, Inc. 
Ben Coker, MHA   2018 to 2019 Baylor University  Operations  United States Military
Matt Corso, MHA   2018 to 2019 University Scranton  Perioperative Operations  Pharmacy Services Suppy Chain Quality Coordinator, MUSC 
Reed Dufour, MHA   2018 to 2019 Tulane University  Finance  Financial Performance Improvement Coordinator, Slidell Memorial Hospital 
Angel Ho, MHA   2018 to 2019 University of Kentucky  Strategy  Financial Analyst II, Cancer and Blood Disease Institute at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center  
Georgia Keith, MHA   2018 to 2019 Medical University of SC  Human Capital  EPMO, Operations Project Analyst, MUSC Health
Nicole Lopez, MSHA   2018 to 2019 University of Alabama at Birmingham  Ambulatory Operations   
Christina Stewart, MHA   2018 to 2019 University of Florida  Finance  Perioperative Business Manager, St. Joseph's Hospital - Denver, Colorado
Ashlynn Williams, MPH   2018 to 2019 University of Toledo  Information Solutions  Community Liaison/Outreach Manager at University of Toledo Medical Center
 Name  Year Graduate School Current Position & Organization
Bridget Graham  2017 to 2018 Clarkson University Project Manager at HTS, Inc.
Amy Jackson  2017 to 2018  MUSC Project Manager, Radiology at Boston Medical Center
Anna Patrusheva  2017 to 2018  Tulane University  Technology Business Analyst II, MUSC 
Lauren Young   2017 to 2018  UAB   Executive Director, HealthChoice of Alabama

Project Work

James Appleby

James Appleby, MHA

Graduate Program: MUSC
Hometown: Charleston, SC
Track: Office of the CEO
Preceptor: Cory Robinson


Major Projects:

  • Project Manager-Value Analysis Teams
  • 2019-2020 Flu Campaign
  • HURON LOS Engagement
  • COVID-19 Provider Reassignment
  • Business Leader Productivity Training
  • Performance Excellence Committee
  • Vizient ACP •CVICU Assessment
  • MUSC Health Alliance (ACO)s

Elizabeth BaerElizabeth Baer, MHA

Graduate Program: MUSC
Spartanburg, SC
Ambulatory Operations
Alice Edwards


Major Projects:

  • Interim Clinic Manager for Orthopedics and Rheumatology
  • Project Manager for Online Scheduling
  • COVID-19 Testing Site Operations and Supplies
  • Project Manager for Sickle Cell Expansion
  • Warm Greetings Patient Experience
  • Ambulatory Rewards and Recognition
  • FTE Labor and Productivity•HR Ambulatory Retreatt  

Arjita BhargavaArjita Bhargava, BDS, MHA, BRMP

Graduate Program: University of Scranton
Mumbai, India
Human Capital
Darrick Paul

Major Projects:

  • Malcom Baldrige Application
  • Provider Wellness and Burnout
  • Integrate HR policies of RHN hospitals
  • Streamline HR Operations processes
  • Rounds + Operational support
  • Talent Management
  • Special Olympics Health Fair

Larrin CollinsLarrin A. Collins, MHA, BRMP

Graduate Program: University of Kentucky
West Liberty, KY
Office of the CEO
Cory Robinson


Major Projects:

  • Regional Health Network Imaging Capital Planning
  • Strategic Relationship Management for Health System Integrations and Partnerships
  • Interim Manager – Student Programs and Volunteer Services
  • MUSC Health Administrative Internship Director
  • Interim Business Manager – Healthy Me: Healthy SC
  • Clinical Operations Transportation Services Program Development and Deployment
  • Facility Construction and Design
  • Project Manager – Imagining Value Analysis Team
  • Business Relationship Management Professional
  • Vizient Analyst Certification Program

Shawn GathersShawn Gathers, DHA

Graduate Program: Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina
Information Solutions
Jes Corneilus & Casey Baker


Major Projects:

  • Covid-19 Community Testing coordination
  • Project Manager-S2 Enterprise badge deployment
  • Malcom Baldrige Application: Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management
  • Project Manager –BabyScripts& PhyndSER Management
  • Anesthesia WVRU optimization
  • MUSC Back 2 Business technical advisor

Jackson IngallsJackson Ingalls, MHA

Graduate Program: MUSC
Denver, CO
MUHA Finance
Lisa Goodlett

Major Projects:

  • IBusiness Manager –Oncology ICCE and S3 ICCE
  • Project Manager –Pharmacy, Radiology, and Path & Lab Value Analysis Teams (VATs)
  • Interim Business Coordinator –Division of Supply Chain Management
  • Information Solutions FY20 budget reconciliation
  • Radiology terminal denials analysis
  • Development of the Advancing Healthcare Finance Curriculum on MyQuest
  • Project “Spadefish” –development of a state-wide purchasing collaborative
  • Project “Starfish” –integration of the five MUHA-CHS supply chains

Andrew IrwinAndy Irwin, MHA, CHFP, CSBI, CRC

Graduate Program: University of Florida
Atlanta, Georgia
Lauren Magaldi and Lindley Pennekamp


Major Projects:

  • FY20 Funds Flow Operations Committee Lead
  • Funds Flow department-specific fringe rates for $/wRVU
  • Revenue and budget support forUMA and COM Financeteam
  • Strategic Manpower Dashboard database
  • Mental Health ICCE Gross Margin Performance Improvement Plan
  • Selection and implementation of Safety-Care de-escalation training for enterprise
  • COVID-19 Specimen Collection Sites operations and logistics
  • Malcolm Baldrige Application

Abby KennyAbby Kenny, MHA

Graduate Program: University of Missouri
Bartlett, IL
Danielle Scheurer


Major Projects:

  • Malcolm Baldrige Application
  • Interim Patient Progression Coordinator
  • Age Friendly Health Systems
  • Analysis of Unit Supply Waste
  • Patient Experience Clinic Assessments & Recommendations
  • West Ashley Respiratory Specimen Collection Site operations and logistics 

Timothy MladenetzTim Mladenetz, MBA

Graduate Program: Saint Joseph’s University
Hamilton, NJ
Strategic Planning
Sarah Bacik & Lauren O’Dell


Major Projects:

  • College of Dental Medicine/MUSC Health Integration
  • Patient and Family Accommodations Strategy
  • Bluffton MicrohospitalPhysician Supply & Demand Assessment
  • Strategy ICCE development and practice assessments
  • West Ashley Respiratory Specimen Collection Site 

Kimberlyn WhitakerKimberlyn Whitaker, MBA, MHA

Graduate Program: Baylor University
Clearwater, FL
Tom Crawford

Major Projects:

  • Leader Rounding Program Reengagement
  • FTE Labor and Productivity
  • COVID-19 Mobile Respiratory Specimen Collection Site Development and Implementation
  • Leveraging Combined Purchasing Power for Increased Cost-Savings within the Endovascular Service Line
  • Emergency Management Expansion across MUSC Health System
  • MalcolmBaldrigeApplication-Operations 

Abby KennyBrody Williamson, MSHA, MBA

Graduate Program: The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL
Lisa Goodlettr


Major Projects:

  • Value Analysis
  • GPO Evaluation and Integration
  • Supply Chain Product Standardization
  • COVID-19 Inbound Logistics
  • Procurement Card Auditing
  • Consolidated Service Center Transformation
  • You Swipe We Pay Campaign
  • Malcolm Baldrige Award Application