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Current & Former Fellows

Current Fellows

James Appleby 

James Appleby, MHA – Performance Management (MUSC)

Arjita Bhargava 

Arjita Bhargava, MHA – Human Capital (University of Scranton)

Elizabeth Baer 

Elizabeth Baer, MHA – Ambulatory Operations (MUSC)

Larrin Collins 

Larrin Collins, MHA – Integration Management (University of Kentucky)

Shawn Gathers 

Shawn Gathers, DHA – Information Solutions (MUSC)

Jackson Ingalls 

Jackson Ingalls, MHA – Finance/MUHA (MUSC)

Andrew Irwin 

Andy Irwin, MHA – Finance/MUSCP (University of Florida)

Abby Kenny 

Abby Kenny, MHA - Quality (University of Missouri)

Timothy Mladenetz 

Timothy Mladenetz, MBA - Strategy (St. Joseph’s University)

Kim Truesdell 

Kimberlyn Truesdell, MHA - Operations (Baylor University)

Brody Williamson 

Brody Williamson, MBA - Finance/Enterprise (University of Alabama at Birmingham)


Former Fellows

Name  Year Graduate School Track Current Position & Organization
Aykhan Alibayli, MPH  2018 to 2019 Yale University  Quality Vizient, Inc. 
Ben Coker, MHA   2018 to 2019 Baylor University  Operations  United States Army
Matt Corso, MHA   2018 to 2019 University Scranton  Perioperative Operations  Pharmacy Services Suppy Chain Quality Coordinator, MUSC 
Reed Dufour, MHA   2018 to 2019 Tulane University  Finance  Financial Performance Improvement Coordinator, Slidell Memorial Hospital 
Angel Ho, MHA   2018 to 2019 University of Kentucky  Strategy  Strategic Planning Analyst, MUSC Health  
Georgia Keith   2018 to 2019 Medical University of SC  Human Capital  EPMO, Operations Project Analyst, MUSC 
Nicole Lopez, MSHA   2018 to 2019 University of Alabama at Birmingham  Ambulatory Operations  Interim Practice Manager, MUSC 
Christina Stewart, MHA   2018 to 2019 University of Florida  Finance  Perioperative Business Manager, St. Joseph's Hospital, Denver, Colorado
Ashlynn Williams, MPH   2018 to 2019 University of Toledo  Information Solutions  Administrative Fellow- Information Solutions, MUSC
 Name  Year Graduate School Current Position & Organization
Bridget Graham  2017 to 2018 Clarkson University Project Manager, EPMO/Operations, MUSC
Amy Jackson  2017 to 2018  MUSC Project Manager, EPMO/Operations, MUSC 
Anna Patrusheva  2017 to 2018  Tulane University  Technology Business Analyst II, MUSC 
Lauren Young   2017 to 2018  UAB   

Project Work

Headshot of Alibayli Aykhan

Aykhan Alibayli, MPH, CPHQ

Graduate Program: Yale University
Hometown: Baku, Azerbaijan
Track: Quality
Preceptor: Danielle Scheurer


Major Projects:

  • Malcom Baldrige Application
  • Hospital Rankings Analysis
  • Age Friendly Health Systems
  • Community Immunization Outreach
  • Health Care Equality for LGBTQ+ Initiative
  • Enterprise Vizient Training & Support
  • Monitoring & Evaluation of Quality Measures

Headshot of Ben CokerBen Coker, MHA

Graduate Program: Baylor University
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Track: Operations
Preceptor: Mat Wain


Major Projects:

  • Rounds+ Team Lead
  • ADM Rounding Program Implementation
  • SMP Medical Equipment Planning and Transitioning
  • Root Cause Analysis for the Delayed Opening of the SMP
  • SJCH Staffin Plan
  • Care Effectiveness –Multi-Visit Patient Readmission Reduction Strategy Alignment  

Headshot of Matt CorsoMatthew Corso, MHA

Graduate Program: University of Scranton
Hometown: Freehold, NJ
Track: Perioperative Operations
Preceptor: Michael Denham


Major Projects:

  • Wheelchair Standardization and Procurement Taskforce
  • Children's Access Performance Innovation
  • SJCH Decision Center – OBEYA Room (Siemens Partnership)
  • Medical Surgical Par Optimization Project
  • Warehouse Management System Implementation Project
  • 2019 South Carolina Governor's Quality Award Application – Leadership Section

Headshot of Angel HoAngel Ho, MHA

Graduate Program: University of Kentucky
Hometown: Elizabethtown, KY
Track: Strategic Planning
Preceptor: Sarah Bacik


Major Projects:

  • Mental Health Transformation Partnership
  • Interdisciplinary Patient & Family Bedside Rounds Initiative
  • Strategy ICCE Playbooks
  • Physician Supply & Demand Assessment
  • GetWell Network Rounds+

Headshot of Georgia KeithGeorgia Keith, MHA, PMP

Graduate Program: MUSC
Hometown: Pauline, SC
Track: Human Capital
Preceptor: Darrick Paul


Major Projects:

  • Project Manager for CH Backfill Plan
  • Pediatric USNWR Gap Analysis & Survey Submission
  • SJCH Staffing Plan
  • Physician Wellness and Burnout
  • Medication Diversion Committee
  • FTE Labor and Productivity
  • COBRA Compliance
  • Malcolm Baldrige Application

Headshot of Nicole LopezNicole Lopez, MSHA

Graduate Program: UAB
Hometown: Miami, FL
Track: Ambulatory Operations
Preceptor: Alice Edwards

Major Projects:

  • Interim Clinic Manager for University Internal Medicine
  • Expansion of Adult Sickle Cell Disease Clinic
  • Project Manager for South Bay Retirement Community on-site Geriatric Care clinic
  • Operationalization of MUSC Health Dantzler clinic backfill in North Charleston
  • FTE Labor and Productivity
  • Ambulatory Care Coordination Steering Committee
  • Malcom Baldrige Application

Headshot of Christina StewartChristina Stewart, MHA

Graduate Program: University of Florida
Hometown: Fort Myers, FL
Track: Finance
Preceptor: Jenny Ann Smoak & Lauren Magaldi


Major Projects:

  • Physician Preference Item Initiative
  • Compensation and Productivity Alignment for FY 19, 19, and budgeted 20
  • Salary comparison tool for all Clinical and Basis Science Departments
  • Funds Flow support
  • Revenue and budget support for UMA and COM Finance team
  • OB/GYN Safety Dashboard
  • Finance Executive Committee
  • Halo Effect Analysis for FY19 actual provider performance

Headshot for Ashlynn WilliamsAshlynn Williams, MPH

Graduate Program: University of Toledo
Hometown: Toledo, OH
Track: Information Solutions
Preceptor: Mike Caputo & Casey Baker


Major Projects:

  • Application Rationalization
  • SMP Testing Coordinator
  • Malcom Baldrige Application: Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management
  • Project Manager – Babyscripts & MyChart Multilingual
  • Creation of EPIC Physician Satisfaction Survey for EPIC Refuel
  • Falls by Diversity