Academician Preparation Program

The purpose of the MUSC College of Pharmacy Academician Preparation Program is to generate interest in academic careers. We have offered a certificate program for residents since 2005 and over 425 residents from the state of South Carolina have successfully completed the program. The program consists of live and recorded seminars and practical experiences in teaching, precepting and evaluating pharmacy students in a variety of settings. The Research Certificate Program is also required in order to better prepare the resident for the scholarly expectations. Each resident is assigned a faculty mentor from the College to guide them through the program.

Certificates are awarded to residents meeting all the requirements.

Requirements include:

  1. Developing a teaching portfolio
  2. Meeting with your faculty mentor
  3. Attending or viewing the associated seminars
  4. Preparing and delivering two didactic lectures. Writing 10 multiple choice questions that are mapped to the learning objectives, ACPE topics, Blooms taxonomy and CAPE outcomes
  5. Developing one complex patient case with a facilitator’s guide
  6. Facilitating five small group sessions with students
  7. Co-precepting a student on two rotations
  8. Evaluating four student Grand Rounds presentations
  9. Preparing an abstract suitable for submission to a professional meeting
  10. Preparing a manuscript suitable for submission to a professional journal
  11. Completing an end of year survey and self-reflection
Jean Nappi, Pharm. D.APP Program Director

Jean Nappi, Pharm. D. 
Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and Outcome Sciences