Application Information

Interviews are required. Our interview windows are typically from mid-January through the first week of March.

Female Doctor in Grey ScrubsThe MUSC Pharmacy Residency Program uses the PhORCAS Application System through ASHP. Please submit all application materials through the applicant portal on ASHP's website. The deadline for receipt of a complete application packet is December 31st. Applicants can begin submitting materials through PhORCAS on the date indicated on the PhORCAS website.

Complete applications include the following:

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  • Application form submitted through the PhORCAS applicant portal
  • Letter of intent (uploaded with application)
  • Curriculum vitae (uploaded with application)
  • Three letters of reference completed by health professionals who can attest to the applicant’s practice abilities and aptitudes (uploaded through the PhORCAS system)
    • Note: a 4th letter of recommendation will not be accepted if submitted.
  • Official transcripts of all professional pharmacy education and masters programs (if applicable)
  • Class rank - see frequently asked questions below as to how to submit
    • Note: Not required for Traditional PGY1 candidates or Drug Information PGY1 candidates. For all other residencies, please check with the residency program director to see if class rank is required.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Application Process

Request for your Dean’s office to do one of the following:

  • Email a letter directly to
  • Mail a hard copy to the program director in a sealed envelope
  • Mail a hard copy to PhORCAS to upload to your application (may be a slow process)

*Please note* your application will remain incomplete until we have received your class rank. If your college of pharmacy does not rank students, we ask that they provide a letter stating this information.

Please contact the residency program director to ask for further instruction.

Request for your Registrar to mail a hard copy to PhORCAS to upload the transcript on your behalf.  We will not accept transcript sent directly from an applicant.

Your references will no longer be able to upload digital copies of letters of recommendation into PhORCAS.  All recommendations must be completed using the PhORCAS form template.  Please do not submit letters of reference via email or mail.  We will only review the content submitted in the PhORCAS form.

Please see the SC Board of Pharmacy Website. If you are applying for licensure by examination of score transfer, you will be required to have 1500 intern hours, at least 500 of which must be obtained outside of school requirements in a retail or institutional setting. Please note, we require residents to be licensed as a pharmacist or have their South Carolina Intern Permit by July 1st.


For Further General Information Contact

Group of DoctorsAndrea Sanna
SCCP - MUSC Campus
150 Ashley Avenue
Room 614, MSC 584
Charleston, SC 29425
843-792-1549 (Fax)

Requests for additional information about a specific residency program should be sent directly to the Residency Program Director.