Online Course Policy

Participants will be subject to the following requirements:

  • By participating in an ITC online class, you as the participant are aware that these trainings will be interactive, and require participants to be ready and able to see, hear, speak and type.
  • All online classes will be conducted via Zoom. Participants must join in by desktop, laptop or tablet computer. The latter must have a stable stand. Participants who connect by smartphone will not receive a certificate, unless they make special arrangements with the ITC Administrator
  • Participants must have generally stable internet access. You can test your internet speed at You must have a minimum download/ upload speed of 5 Mbps.
  • Participants who lose connection in the middle of the class for more than 15 minutes will not receive a certificate.
  • A web camera and microphone are required to participate. The camera MUST be turned on; the microphone must be available to be turned on as the speaker requires. Participants who do not have this capacity should not register. Participants who do register and then cannot or do not comply will not get a certificate.
  • Participants who turn off their camera for more than 15 minutes will not receive a certificate.
  • All handouts will be sent beforehand; participants are responsible for either printing them out ahead of time OR having them available on an electronic device.
  • Participants who sign on more than 20 minutes late will not receive a certificate.
  • Participants who are unfamiliar with Zoom will be encouraged to take a tutorial - These are available on YouTube