Testing Center Policies

The Testing Center adheres to all testing procedures required by the organizations whose tests we sponsor. Exceptions to identification requirements, prohibited items, cancellation or reschedule policies or any other facet of the testing organization policy, cannot and will not be made.

The below policies are not a complete list, however, they are examples of some common policies amongst the testing organizations. Additional policies will be discussed at check-in prior to testing. Familiarity with and compliance with the testing organizations and  MUSC Testing Center policy is the test taker's responsibility.

General Policies

A valid government-issued photo ID is required to test.

Acceptable forms of ID

  • Drivers license
  • Passport / Passport card
  • Military ID
  • Welfare card
  • Green card/Alien registration card

All personal items are NOT allowed in the testing room (purses, wallets, watches, jewelry, cell phones, calculators, etc.). This also includes hats or clothing with attached hoods, outerwear of any type (jackets, coats, pullovers, sweaters, etc.). Staff assume no responsibility for loss, damage or stolen personal items brought into the testing center. You are encouraged to leave those items at home or in your car.

Unauthorized Electronic devices are NOT allowed in the testing room. This includes cell phones, tablets, cell phone watches, laptops, and any other electronic devices.

Testing aids prohibited in the testing room include (but are not limited to): cell phones, pagers, electronic or photographic devices, pens, calculators, watch calculators, books, notes, rulers, dictionaries. All scratch paper must be returned to the Proctor before leaving the testing room (unless otherwise noted in the testing instructions).

Foods and beverages are not permitted in the examination room unless otherwise authorized through an Exam Accommodations Request that has to be pre-approved with your testing organization.

Children are not allowed in the testing rooms. There are no childcare facilities at the Testing Center, and children in the waiting area are to be attended to at all times.

There is a 15 minute grace period for late exam appointment arrivals. Subsequently, no testing candidate will be seated later than 60 minutes prior to closing. Testing candidates arriving after that time will be viewed as a missed appointment.

Reschedule/Cancellation Policy

All exam appointment rescheduling is handled by the Testing Center Local Test Administrator (LTA). The exam appointment cannot be rescheduled within three (3) business days of the scheduled exam appointment except in the cases of approved emergencies. If the candidate does not reschedule at least three (3) business days prior to the exam appointment and does not show up for the exam, it will be considered a missed appointment. This forfeits the candidate exam and all related exam fees. The candidate would then need to register and pay for the exam again in order to sit for it. Please note the only exception to this rescheduling policy is a documented, excusable emergency situation as described in the cancellation policy.

Candidates who miss their scheduled exam appointment or need to cancel their exam appointment after the deadline due to an excusable emergency situation should notify the Testing Center LTA immediately. The candidate MUST also contact the testing organization at the first available opportunity to be considered for a cost-free rescheduled exam appointment.

If the candidate does not contact the Testing Center LTA and the testing organization regarding their cancellation or missed appointments at the first available opportunity following the documented emergency, their exam registration fees may be forfeited.

Excusable emergency situations include:

  • The death of an immediate family member
  • Accident, illness, or hospitalization of self or an immediate family member (verified by official documentation or doctor note)
  • A natural disaster

Documentation of the emergency must be submitted by the candidate to the testing organization.

If the testing organization verifies that the emergency qualifies, the candidate may reschedule an exam appointment, cost-free, within 45 days of the approval or within a period of time deemed appropriate by the testing organization.

If the candidate cancels the scheduled exam appointment after the deadline or misses the scheduled exam appointment for any reason other than an excusable emergency situation that is approved by the testing organization, it will be considered a missed appointment and all exams elated fees are forfeited. The candidate will be required to register and pay for the exam again in order to sit for it.

Please review the testing organization policies you registered with as they have separate cancellation/reschedule instructions.