Visitor Restrictions to Hospitals & Ambulatory Sites

Restricciones a visitantes

MUSC Health will reduce the number of entry points and implement tighter visitation policies for all hospitals and ambulatory sites on the peninsula. Patients seeking emergency treatment should continue to seek care at any MUSC Health emergency department.

Effective immediately, all patients and approved visitors are required to wear masks when entering or moving about MUSC buildings. Anyone refusing to wear a mask will not be permitted in MUSC spaces.

Please refer to the links below for more information on mask requirements for visits:

Virtual Inpatient Visitation Program

We care about family presence and visitation when you are in the hospital. The Virtual Inpatient Visitation Program allows family and friends to visit from anywhere in the world using their internet-connected computer or smart phone! You can stay connected and safe from infections that could be spread in person.

Restrictions on Number of Visitors per Patient

MUSC Health’s primary goal is the safety of patients, families and care team members. Care team leaders continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and create new ways to best take care of patients. This leads to making decisions, almost hourly, to respond to the challenges and uncertainty resulting from this situation.

In addition to direction from the state of South Carolina, MUSC Health closely follows CDC guidelines, and is learning in real-time from the experience of other hospitals and state systems around the country as we deal with this new virus.

As of July 24, 2020, MUSC Health modified its visitation restrictions. Exceptions, listed below, may be made in cases where supportive care persons are necessary or at the end of life. In addition to the screening and hand hygiene protocols currently in place, this means:

Adult Admitted In-Patients (University Hospital, University Hospital Extension, and Ashley River Tower):

  • One (1) designated supportive care person will be permitted to visit at the bedside during 24-hour visitation.
  • The identified supportive care person will be the only visitor allowed for the duration of the inpatient admission.
  • The attending physician may approve additional visitors for patients at the end of life.
  • All supportive care persons and/or visitors will be screened daily and required to wear a mask while in the hospital.
  • There will be no supportive care persons or visitors for COVID-19 positive patients or COVID-19 rule-out patients who are symptomatic, under any circumstances.
  • An asymptomatic patient undergoing Universal Testing (COVID-19 NP screening test) prior to hospital admission may have one approved supportive care person present. If the COVID-19 NP screening test is positive, visitation will immediately end.

For Pediatric Patients and Patients in Labor (MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital and Pearl Tourville Women’s Pavilion)

Only two (2) parents, legal guardians or caregivers will be designated and permitted at the bedside with their child. No other family members outside of the two designated individuals will be permitted into the hospital or allowed to visit. For pregnant mothers, one (1) designated visitor will be permitted to enter the hospital or be at the mother’s bedside.

We realize these guidelines place additional stress on patients and families, and we wish that we could do something different. However, as a community, if we want to limit the spread of COVID-19 and how sick people become, we must take these kinds of precautions. Patients and families are encouraged to use technology to stay connected to friends and family while keeping safe from infections that can be spread from person to person. Exceptions may be made by hospital administration based on ongoing patient safety needs.

Only vendors who are participating in patient care or hospital environmental maintenance will be allowed to enter MUSC Health hospitals. 

Ambulatory Care and Out-Patient Visitor Restrictions for Non-Admitted Patients (Including Hollings Cancer Center)

Non-admitted patients at ambulatory locations and/or requiring access to hospital entrances, including those being dropped-off or picked-up, must follow restrictions aligned with inpatient and perioperative visitor policies. These patients will be screened, have their appointment verified and then be granted access to attend their scheduled appointment(s). All patients and supportive care persons will be required to wear a mask. A green visitor pass will not be provided for these outpatient appointments.

In addition to the screening, mask and hand hygiene protocols currently in place, please note the following restrictions by patient category:

  • Adult Patients: One (1) supportive care person will be allowed to accompany the patient to their outpatient procedure/appointment and must be with the patient at time of entry.
  • Pediatric Patients: Two (2) parents, legal guardians, or caregivers may accompany a pediatric patient to their appointment.
  • Pregnant Mothers: At our outpatient locations, we take a more restrictive approach and ask that our pregnant patients attend appointments, anatomy scans and discussions related to an abnormal fetal diagnoses with one support person, only. All patients and supportive care persons will be required to wear a mask.

We will work to ensure patient transport where appropriate. All patients on the schedule for March 24, 2020 and forward will be notified in advance of their appointment via an automated call.

Changes to Entry Points

MUSC Health will screen all visitors at tented/covered stations outside the hospitals. Visitors and vendors will be asked COVID-19 screening questions prior to gaining access to any hospital facility. Visitors considered high-risk for COVID-19 exposure or infection will be asked not to enter and advised to access, the MUSC Health Virtual Urgent Care platform, for further evaluation.

The entry points for MUSC Health facilities are as follows:

University Hospital
Adult Emergency Department
University Hospital main entrance (Horseshoe)

Storm Eye Institute
Enter through University Hospital main entrance
No public access - Ashley Avenue entrance

Ashley River Tower
Chest Pain Center door at the valet drop-off ramp
Connector entrance from the parking garage
No public access - main lobby entrance

University Hospital Extension (former Children's Hospital)
No public access

Clinical Sciences Building
No public access

Institute of Psychiatry
Main entrance

MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital and Pearl Tourville Women’s Pavilion Visitation Information