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Course Title Clinical Problem Solving Case
Presented Date 01/23/2020
Expiration Date 01/23/2023

Presenter(s) Reza Manesh, MD, Assistant Program Director for Clinical Reasoning, Osler Medical Residency Program,
This Presenter does not have any relevant Financial Relationships to disclose.

Rabih Geha, MD, Assistant Clerkship Director, SFVAMC, UCSF, Host, The Clinical Problem Solvers Podca
This Presenter does not have any relevant Financial Relationships to disclose.

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Description The topic is Clinical Problem Solving Case.
Objectives 1.Discuss the fundamental concepts in clinical reasoning-problem representation, diagnostic schema, and illness scripts.
2. Apply these concepts in real time in the context of an unknown case.
3.Define and demonstrate a cognitive autopsy-a reflection on the diagnostic exercise.
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