MUSC Health Video Visit Help

Smartphones, Tablets & Desktops/Laptop

Illustration depicting Chome handheld device, IOS safari handheld device, and a desktop PC

Video Appointment Details

Patients will be virtually guided through the video process with a series of links sent by text and email. Please click all links quickly to ensure your device is prepared and you are on time for your visit.

  1. You will receive a reminder e-mail AND text from Andor 2 days prior to your appointment.

    Screengrap of example text message that reads: Hello! Click URL to prepare for your date and time video visit with MUSC Health. If you have questions please call telephone number. Reply STOP to opt-out.
  2. You will receive the link to “Check-in” for the visit 15 minutes prior to the appointment. Please click the link to start the check-in process. You may receive a call from a care team member to update your chart prior to the appointment.

    Screengrap of example text message that reads: Hello from MUSC! Click URL now to begin the check-in process for your 11:00 AM video visit with Physician MUSC AmB INP. Reply STOP to opt-out.

Check-In on Andor

  1. Andor will provide best practices for a successful visit. Click “NEXT STEP” to continue.
  2. Andor will automatically test your device and browser settings. Please follow the prompts and continue through check-in.
  3.  If prompted, please sign the MUSC Ambulatory Consent Form
  4. You will need to attest that you are in the state of South Carolina for the video visit
  5. You will be asked if you have Medicare, and if “YES” you will need to complete the questionnaire.
  6.  You will be asked if you would like to add a participant/family member to the video visit. If yes, you will be prompted to type in the information on the next screen.
  7.  You will now be placed into the video visit, and you will wait for the provider to join you.

Join Audio & Video

  1. Please follow the prompts to ensure your camera and microphone are working before you join the visit. Please click “JOIN NOW” and you will be placed into the call. If you would like to do a test call prior to check-in, please follow this link.

    Decorative image showing a login screen

    Decorative image showing three login screens

    Decorative image showing a login screen

  2. You are able to adjust your camera and microphone settings on the screen above. If this screen does not populate you may need to allow the settings for camera/microphone. See the links below for assistance pending the type of phone/computer you are using for the visit.

    Please reach out to the Telehealth Central Support Team for assistance in joining your virtual visit by calling 843-792-4864

Virtual Waiting Room

You will now be placed into the visit and wait for your provider to join you. Please be flexible with your clinician’s arrival time. Your clinician can see that you are in the waiting room but may still be finishing with another patient. They will join you soon. If you get disconnected from the call you will receive a text and email once the provider starts the visit or you can re-click the “CHECK-IN” link in your text/email to re-enter the visit.

Consider placing your phone on “Do Not Disturb” so that incoming phone calls will not disrupt your consult.

Android Audio Video Visual Tips PDF

Apple Audio Video Visual Tips PDF

PC/Laptop Audio Video Visual Tips PDF

Contact Support Number 843-792-4864
Support available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday