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Doctor using what appears to be a touch screen in the air to illustrate artificial

Clemson-MUSC AI Hub

October 15, 2021

A new partnership between Clemson and MUSC has its sights set on using artificial intelligence to improve health care.

a man in a Clemson orange shirt and purple mask administers a vaccine to a man sitting in the drivers seat of a pickup truck

Health Fair

October 15, 2021

Healthy Me – Healthy SC kicked off a rural health fair initiative in Blackville this month.

Red Merck antiviral pills for COVID.

COVID Treatments

October 15, 2021

New treatments for COVID-19 may be on the way. Here’s how they work, plus the step an MUSC scientist encourages everyone to take.

Graph showing peaks of COVID in Tricounty area.

Two-Month Cycle

October 14, 2021

As COVID case rate drops 28% in a week for Tri-county, scientist says it looks like part of a pattern.

a woman sitting points to a device in the hand of a standing female audiologist

Repeat That, Please?

October 14, 2021

Audiologist Meredith Duffy has seen more people realize that, with so many people wearing masks, they can’t hear as well as they thought they could.

Future Nurses

October 12, 2021

Nine of the newest staff members learning the ropes at MUSC Health are either still in high school or have just graduated.

two surgeons in full operating gear examine a specimen in an iced bowl

Robotic Nephrectomy

October 11, 2021

MUSC Health doctors used robotic surgery to remove a living donor’s kidney, becoming one of the first programs in the Southeast to do this surgery robotically.

Surgeon Rana Pullatt works in the operating room while surrounded by several other doctors and nurses. They are all bathed in a green light

Rise of the Machines

October 06, 2021

Dr. Rana Pullatt is leading the way at MUSC Health for robotic surgical procedures. The surgeon believes it is the future of medicine.

Dark hospital room with a teenager in bed and people standing nearby. The patient has COVID.

COVID in Kids

October 04, 2021

Anyone who thinks COVID doesn’t really affect kids needs to know what’s been happening in schools and hospitals, infectious disease pediatrician says.

a doctor and patient pose for the camera with their arms around each other's backs

Domestic Violence Awareness

October 04, 2021

People in abusive relationships may not realize the danger they're in. Haleigh didn't – until she was shot. She urges others to get out before it's too late.

Showing 1 – 10 (of 832)