Pharmacy Residency Research Certificate Program

Program Overview

The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) College of Pharmacy offers a research certificate program for pharmacy residents. The program consists of live sessions aimed at improving residents’ ability to evaluate, conduct, and disseminate research. Material for each session is covered via lectures and incorporated practical activities. Sessions are facilitated by an MUSC College of Pharmacy faculty member with experience in conducting and disseminating research as well as teaching the topics covered by the certificate program. Certificates are awarded to residents meeting the attendance requirements and completing an end of program assignment. The description, program objectives, and topics covered are outlined below.

Program Goal

The aim of this program is to provide pharmacy residents with foundational skills needed for clinicians to interpret, generate, and disseminate research in a practical manner.

Program Objectives

  1. Understand and interpret common statistical language
  2. Critically analyze a retrospective and/or prospective study
  3. Appropriately utilize different measures of central tendency and dispersion 
  4. Understand the difference between the types of discrete and continuous data 
  5. Identify strategies for creating an effective database and collecting data in an efficient manner
  6. Describe, interpret, identify, and perform the correct statistical test given a research question and data 
  7. Disseminate research findings appropriately 

Topics Covered

  • Hierarchy of Evidence/Study Design
  • Concepts in Epidemiology
  • Observational Study Design
  • Evaluating Real-World Data
  • Interpreting Statistical Results
  • Tips for Mentoring Students
  • Data Description and Measurement
  • Statistical Test Selection
  • Practical Overview of Database Management and Statistical Software 
  • Application of Statistical Software
  • Reporting Research Findings
  • Medical Writing
  • Preparation of Research Presentations/Abstracts/Manuscripts 
  • Manuscript Submission and Peer Review Process

Residence Research Certificate Coordinator

Dr. Taylor Morrisette is the research certificate coordinator at MUSC.  

Taylor Morrisette, PharmD, MPH