Medical Staff Office

MUSC’s Medical Staff Office provides medical staff support while Credentialing Services manages the application processes for initial appointments and reappointments of all MUSC Medical Staff physicians and mid-level practitioners.

Verification Requests

For verification requests, MUSC Medical Center has partnered with Verge Solutions to offer an online affiliation verification service. This service provides instantaneous, on-line primary source verification of a practitioner’s affiliation with the MUSC Medical Center.

If you are unable to obtain a verification from the location links below, please fax or email your request to the contact listed.

Charleston & Orangeburg

Practitioner Verification Lookup
• Fax: 843-792-4824


Practitioner Verification Lookup
• Fax: 803-256-5734
• Email: Rose Hambrick

Florence/Marion/Black River

• MUSC Florence: Practitioner Verification Lookup
• MUSC Marion: Practitioner Verification Lookup
• MUSC Black River: Practitioner Verification Lookup

Chester/Lancaster/Surgery Center

• MUSC Chester: Practitioner Verification Lookup
• MUSC Lancaster: Practitioner Verification Lookup


Practitioner Verification Lookup
• Phone: 803-713-6228
• Email: Patty Bellus