Value Institute Ideal Care Plan Request

The Value Institute was established in 2013 to support clinicians’ ability to provide high quality, evidence-based care and evaluate related outcomes. The goal of the Institute is to improve the care delivered by clinicians through the creation of evidence-based guidelines (MUSC Ideal Care Plans) and decision tools (EHR order sets). This process involves working with interprofessional teams at MUSC to identify clinical questions of interest, collaborating with medical librarians to review primary literature and existing evidence-based guidelines, using the GRADE approach to appraise the literature, and facilitating the development of clinical practice recommendations and clinical decision tools for use at the point-of-care.

The Value Institute and MUSC are pleased to provide you with access to our MUSC Ideal Care Plans for use at your organization. Please complete the request form below to obtain the MUSC Ideal Care Plans of interest to you and your organization. The Value Institute is also continuously reviewing, updating, and expanding our evidence-based guideline offerings.