Security & Public Safety

Learn more about safety and security services at MUSC provided by the Department of Public Safety. 

Lost and Found

Lost and Found items from the entire campus should be turned in to Public Safety at 101 Doughty Street.  

Anyone who has lost an item on the MUSC Campus may report it by:

Found property turned in to the Department of Public Safety can be reclaimed 24 hours a day.  Identification must be provided when claiming lost property.

Safety Escort Program

The Medical University Department of Public Safety is committed to ensuring a safe environment for all students, employees and visitors at the University. To encourage personal safety, the campus escort service program was initiated. It provides personal safety escorts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This service is designed to provide escorts around the University Campus and the surrounding area, normally within two blocks. Special requests will be honored on a case-by-case basis. Any escort beyond the two-block area must be approved by the campus commander or the shift supervisor.

You will need to be able to get in and out of a vehicle on your own power.

We are unable to provide escorts for wheelchair bound individuals. If someone is unable to get in and out of the vehicle, we can refer you to other assistance. Please understand that space is limited, and equipment cannot be transported in our vehicles.

The escort program, staffed by our patrol officers, serves the entire Medical University community. Calls for an escort are dispatched immediately; however, if you experience a delay in response time, it may be due to a high volume of calls for service.

This program utilizes Foot, Bicycle, and Vehicle Patrol Officers.

State law requires any child 4 years of age or under must be secured properly in a child restraint system.  If you do not have a child seat, one will be provided by Public Safety.

This program is designed to provide a service to all students, employees, visitors, and customers of the Medical University. Please take advantage of this service.

To access the escort service, call 843-792-2261 or 843-792-4196 and provide the following information to the dispatcher:

  • Your Name
  • Current Location
  • Baggage (if any)
  • Destination
  • Physical description of yourself

We are here to provide for your safety. We can only do this successfully if you help. Don’t put yourself in a situation that can lead to a bad outcome. Our escort program helps you avoid becoming a victim of crime. Help us to help you.

Closed Circuit Television

For your protection, MUSC makes extensive use of closed circuit television systems. The installed exterior cameras can be positioned to view and record most areas of the MUSC campus. Interior cameras are strategically placed to protect personnel and act as a deterrent to theft. We are in the process of integrating these cameras with the campus burglar alarm system, the emergency call boxes and the card access system. The integration of this technology will allow closed circuit television cameras to position themselves automatically to view an alarm location or an activated emergency call box. To document unusual occurrences, cameras record 24 hours a day.