PN dna landscapes

Feature articles explore a clinical or research innovation at MUSC in some depth, highlighting how it advances or could potentially expand treatment options over traditional therapy.

Photo of Dr. Edward C. Jauch outside adult ER entry

Edward Jauch Interview

Interview with Emergency Medicine Interim Chair Dr. Edward C. Jauch

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Photo of Dr. Marc R. Katz performing robotic mitral valve surgery

Robotic Revolution

Robotic mitral valve repair, now available at MUSC Health, achieves similar outcomes to open surgery with less pain and a quicker recovery for select patients

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Photo of Dr. Ramin Eskandari discussing a case in operating room

Necessity Spurs Invention

MUSC Children’s Health offers a new shuntless technique, developed in Africa, to address hydrocephalus

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Photo of Dr. Pullatt during the robotic DIEP flap harvest

Agents of Change

Specialists at the MUSC Breast Center innovate to advance care for women with breast cancer

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PN dna landscapes

Rewriting Fate

For some patients, genetic disorders can seem written into DNA as permanently as eye color. Yet defective genes could be quelled with gene therapy.

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Physician Burnout Illustration

Physician Burnout Intervention

Loss of autonomy fuels burnout. Involving physicians and other clinicians in designing burnout interventions could be an important step toward a solution.

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