Patient & Family Advisory Councils (PFACS)

The Patient-and Family Advisory Councils (PFACs) are a partnership of family representatives and Hospital staff members working together to meet the needs of patients and families. The groups meet monthly to discuss issues such as patient-care, the environment, and healthcare policies and procedures. Families provide advice and are part of the decision making process. The main goal is to provide a collaborative environment that will enhance the experience for all patients and families at MUSC Health through patient-and family-centered care.

  • Adult PFAC – for a patient or family member with an experience in the hospital
  • Institute of Psychiatry PFAC – for a patient or family member with experience at the Institute of Psychiatry
  • Adult Ambulatory PFAC – for a patient or family member with experience in the clinics
  • Children's Health PFAC  – for parents or caregivers of children who have had experiences in the hospital or clinics.
  • Youth-Patient Advisory Council – for patients or siblings of patients (12-18 years of age) who have had experiences in the hospital.


Membership is open to patients and families of MUSC Children’s Health and MUSC Health patients when openings occur. Patient and Family Advisory Council members must:

• Be committed to the welfare of all patients and families
• Be open to and accepting of diversity in opinions and ideas
• Attend monthly meetings
• Complete the online application process if you are interested in the Adult PFAC, Institute of Psychiatry PFAC, Adult Ambulatory PFAC, or Children’s Health PFAC.
• The Youth-Patient Advisory Council has a separate application

For more information on PFACs at MUSC Health or the Patient- and Family-Centered Care department, contact Caroline DeLongchamps at 843-792-5081 or