Art Collection & Healing Spaces

Care giver leading art tour of MUSC's collection

MUSC's Art Collections

MUSC has the largest collection of artworks by South Carolina artists. With all of MUSC’s facilities spread throughout the state, the artworks are created by local artists living and working in the area or artists who have a strong connection to the location. Each piece of artwork is curated with the goal of transforming the healthcare environment into bright spaces that create dialogue, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote health and healing of our community.

Comprised of folk art, abstract, conceptual, and representational works, the MUSC Art Collection includes a mix of sculptures, paintings, photography, quilts, sweetgrass baskets, and written word. The collection includes indoor works of art as well as outdoor artworks that are accessible to the community at large.

Healing Spaces

Healing Spaces is a research-driven focus on the aesthetic environment of our hospitals and public spaces. The Healing Spaces Team works to create environments that are welcoming and comforting to all. This focus includes updating artwork, incorporating wayfinding tools, selecting calming lighting and sound, and thoughtfully choosing paint colors and other interior elements. The Healing Spaces Team works closely with patients, families, and staff to learn more about what makes them feel most at ease in the healthcare environment. 

Research shows that focusing on the aesthetic environment in healthcare spaces:

  • Significantly reduces stress and anxiety
  • Cuts down on perceived wait times
  • Improves overall patient satisfaction
  • Can lower the experience of pain
  • And so much more!

Artwork Acquisitions & Donations

We welcome and appreciate your interest in exhibiting artwork at MUSC Health. Please keep in mind that artwork proposals and donations are carefully reviewed as several factors need to be considered to support our Healing Spaces mission. A few questions the Art Collection and Healing Spaces team considers before accepting a proposal or donating artwork include:

  • Does it fit into an existing art theme for a specific space?
  • Is it soothing, engaging, educational, uplifting, and visually appealing?
  • Could it be interpreted as alienating, confusing, or inappropriate?
  • Is there funding to frame and/or display this piece safely and in line with MUSC’s infection control and sustainability requirements?
  • Does the artwork exhibit commercially trademarked images, logos, and products?

To learn more about submitting your artwork for consideration contact