Visiting Clergy Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need identification to visit MUSC Medical Center?

Yes, all visiting local clergy and ministers representing congregations, faith groups, etc. are required to obtain a “clergy ID badge,” which is available through the Department of Pastoral Care at St. Francis Hospital (843-402-2856). The pastoral Care office at St. Francis is located in Suite 313 East Medical Office Building. This badge is used to grant access for clergy to all the hospitals in Greater Charleston. Visit their website for additional information.

Where can I park?

Free parking is provided to clergy in the following parking garages:

  • Ashley Rutledge Parking Garage - entrances on Ashley and Rutledge Avenues
  • Jonathan Lucas Parking Garage - entrance at the intersection of Jonathan Lucas, President, and Doughty
  • Courtenay Drive Parking Garage at Ashley River Tower (ART) - entrance just off of Courtenay Drive and Charleston Center Drives

Detailed map of the Medical Center (pdf)

Courtesy parking does not extend to clergy while they are at MUSC as a patient themselves or while they have a family member who is a patient. The normal inpatient and outpatient parking rates apply in both instances.

Where can I find information about patient location?

There are two Information Desks located in the lobbies. Pastoral Care Services staff are also available to assist you on the 4th floor in the main hospital.

What are the visiting hours?

Regular visiting hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Intensive Care unit visitations must be scheduled to ensure patient rest and nursing care. Other visitation times will need to be arranged with the family, the unit, and/or the Pastoral Care Services staff.

How do I contact the chaplain?

A chaplain may be paged through the hospital paging operator at 843-792-2123, or you may call the Pastoral Care Services office at 843-792-9464.

Does the MUSC Medical Center offer clinical pastoral education (CPE)?

CPE is not offered at MUSC Medical Center. Roper St. Francis Hospital in Charleston does offer various CPE programs, which can be accessed through ACPE.

Are chaplains available to visit and minister to patients when clergy are unable due to distance or other extenuating circumstances?

Yes, the on-call or staff chaplain can visit out-of-town patients whose clergy are unable to provide pastoral care. Please page the chaplain on-call by calling 843-792-2123.

What additional services are provided?

Chaplains are available to clergy and ministers to provide collegial support as needed. Clergy are always welcome to use the chapel on the 4th floor or to stop by the chaplains’ offices.