In Short

Dr. Chrystal Paulos looking into microscope

In Short articles concisely describe innovative procedures, diagnostic tools, or treatment approaches available at MUSC Health and summarize preliminary findings from MUSC research.

Dr. Shaun A. Nguyen leads the ENT clinical trials program

Otolaryngology Clinical Trials

MUSC's otolaryngology clinical trials program draws large industry investment.

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treatment for opioid use disorder illustration

Advancing Addiction Treatment

MUSC Health offers a new implantable treatment for opioid use disorder

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Stylized illustration of a T cell and platelet.

To A “T”

Aspirin could augment adoptive T cell therapy for cancer.

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Dr. Chrystal Paulos looking into microscope

Robust Cancer Therapy

TH17 cells generate long-lasting T cells for adoptive cell immunotherapy

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Dr. Raymond DuBois

Premetastatic Niche Formation

Primary colorectal tumors affect distant organs before cancer cells arrive on site.

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Dr. Peter B. Cotton and Dr. David B. Adams

Pancreatitis Innovation

A new textbook and an international conference share the latest advancements in diagnosing and treating chronic pancreatitis

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Dr. Tanya N. Turan

3D ICAD Phantom

3D-printed model of stenotic intracranial artery enables MRI standardization.

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Dr. Istvan Takacs

Stemming Brain Injury

Two clinical trials test stereotactic implantation of stem cells

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Dr. Gustavo W. Leone

An Elegans Solution

Worm genetic screen maps cell-to-cell communication in human cancer

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Surgical photo of creating the surgical corridor with Brain Path

Triple Threat

All three minimally invasive techniques to evacuate hematoma after intracerebral hemorrhage are available at MUSC Health

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