Patient & Visitor Contact

For general university or hospital information, call 843-792-2300. Or, choose from the following listings:

Schedule an Appointment
The MUSC Health Connection telephone line is answered by specially trained Referral Management Specialists within our Patient Access Center. Please call 843-792-1414 from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Submit your medication-related question to an MUSC Health pharmacist.

Contact a Patient at the Medical Center
You can call the hospital operator at 843-792-2300.

Request an Ethics Consultation
If you have questions about the care of your loved one, use our Ethics Consultation Service.

Email a Question About MUSC Health MyChart
If you have a question about using the MUSC Health MyChart tool to communicate with your physician and review information such as your test results, send us an email.

MUSC Patient & Family Liaison
If you are an MUSC Health patient who wants to provide feedback on our services, our Patient & Family Liaison program has multiple ways for you to connect.

If you are a physician who would like to consult with an MUSC Health provider or refer a patient, call 843-792-2200 or 800-922-5250.

Billing Questions or Payments
Contact our Billing Department at 843-792-2311. Or review our billing FAQs if you have a question about an MUSC Health bill.

Media Contacts
Contact information for members of the media.

Contact Our Webmaster
If you have comments or questions about this Website.

Confidential Hotline — to report any activity reasonably believed to be in violation of any law, regulation, or any MUSC policy call our Confidential Hotline at 800-296-0269