The Right Care, The Right Place, The Right Time

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MUSC’s statewide approach is enabling “the right care, in the right place, at the right time” through local partnerships and connectivity.

  • Health care is an ever-evolving innovation process whereby over time more complex care can be safely delivered closer to home. This is done through telehealth, physician to physician collaboration, and training of staff in the local area.
  • MUSC has developed productive and mutually beneficial health care system partners or clinical affiliates in all 46 counties in SC.
  • Providers, hospitals and health systems across the state are looking for partnership with MUSC to deliver the highest quality, comprehensive care closest to their patients’ homes.
  • Partnering to increase the clinical and outcomes research capabilities elevates the level of care available and the quality of care provided in the local communities.
  • This paradigm benefits patients, but importantly, also the local SC health care systems/providers by ensuring viability of the local hospitals.
  • Partnership and connectivity across the state allow MUSC to elevate the level and quality of health care providers who are trained, recruited and therefore stay in South Carolina.
  • Approximately 11 percent of South Carolinians requiring hospitalizations (57,938 people) leave South Carolina for care. By partnering locally, we accomplish what is most appropriate, which is providing health care in South Carolina for South Carolinians.