MUSC Hearing Researcher

Judy Dubno

On April 11, Gov. Henry D. McMaster presented Judy R. Dubno, Ph.D., the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Science.

Dubno is considered one of the premier age-related hearing loss scientists in the country. She is a professor in the MUSC Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and serves as the director of the hearing research program.

This prestigious award is presented to a scientist whose contributions to scientific discovery merit special recognition and have affected the respective discipline on a national and international basis.

The quality of Dubno’s work is demonstrated by the continuous funding she has received for more than 30 years. She is the primary investigator on a coveted National Institutes of Health Research Project Grant, which has had more than three decades of continuous support. Hers is the longest-funded grant in the United States related to age-related hearing loss. During her tenure at MUSC, she has brought more than $70 million to the institution.

Widely acknowledged as an auditory scientist for her expertise in hearing loss and aging, Dubno has served as a leader in scientific societies and worked extensively in public policy related to hearing loss to improve access and affordability of hearing-loss treatments.