Chaplain Program

MUSC Health Florence & Marion Medical Centers recognize the importance of pastoral support during a patient's hospitalization. Volunteer Chaplains will organize and function as a division of Volunteer Services.

Our chaplains play an important role in providing Spiritual guidance and care to our patients, visitors, and care team members regardless of individual's belief system. They assist in variety of needs, including:

  • Minister with persons of diverse culture and religious backgrounds.
  • Non- judgmental listening.
  • Enhance Care Team members morale.
  • Prayer or other religious rituals.
  • Provide crisis intervention.
  • Help with conversations about end-of-life decisions.
  • Join patients and families in prayer.
  • Respect patients' religious traditions and spiritual practices.
  • Provide safe harbor, and bridging difficult conversations.
  • Provide a calm presence for patients who don't want to feel or be alone.


Application and Requirements:

  • Submit an application.
  • Provide a copy of your ordination certificate.
  • Schedule a personal interview with Volunteer Services to help us determine your area of interest.
  • Complete Employee Health requirements, including a PPD Skin test.
  • Conduct a background check prior to service.
  • Attend a scheduled Volunteer Chaplain Orientation.
  • Complete a mandatory orientation that consists of: Infection control, Fire, HIPAA, and safety trainings.
  • Comply with hospital policies and procedures.
  • Wear picture ID when on duty.
  • Assist "visiting clergy" and direct them to their final destination.
  • Respond to requests by patients, their families, and staff in a timely manner.



  • Free meal for a day visitation.
  • Free access to the gym on campus.
  • Free annual Flu shot (optional).
  • Free Covid Vaccine.
  • Free annual PPD Skin test.


For more information or for questions about the chaplain volunteer program, please contact Hiba Ghasham or 843-674-2975.