Message from the CEO

Dr. Cawley
Patrick J. Cawley, M.D., MHM, FACHE | CEO, MUSC Health | Vice President for Health Affairs, University

In every sense, 2020 was a year of tests. Of particular note, these tests ranged from the growing pandemic that provoked an urgency in health care innovation unforeseen to urgent calls for MUSC Health to immediately help at-risk communities.

These tests, among many others, have required our wholehearted care and undivided attention. Nonetheless, as we all know, with great difficulties come even greater opportunities for overcoming preconceived barriers and transcending expectations. Once again, we reinvented our organization in a way that directly and positively impacts the lives of our patients, employees and communities.

This time last year, I wrote that to move forward, we have to think forward. However, if we learned anything in 2020, contemplating the present can often lead to even more remarkable transformations.

Please make no mistake; these are the times when foundations matter, and at our foundation is a never-ending call to change what's possible. From health care to education and research, we've changed the way we think. We've changed the way we work. And we've changed the way we heal – physically, mentally and socially.

As we transition into this new reality, I challenge each of us to continually seek opportunities to provoke innovation, create lasting impact, and affect positive influence. Through it all, we will change what's possible – again.