Our Fellows & Alumni

These are our current fellows aspiring to mature as leaders in the MUSC Health Fellowship program, as well as our immediate past fellows and program alumni continuing to change what's possible in heath care.

Current Fellows

Headshot of Brad Andrews
Headshot of Landon Blair Headshot of Moneal Desai

 Brad Andrews
East Tennessee State University

Landon Blair
University of South Carolina

Moneal Desai
University of Illinois - Chicago

System Finance

Health Solutions & Performance Services

Ambulatory Operations

Headshot of Ann Freeman Headshot of Anthony Jackson Headshot of Max Martin

Ann Freeman
University of Alabama - Birmingham

Anthony Jackson
Emory University

Max Martin
Saint Louis University


Florence Division

Midlands Division

Headshot of Sara Beth Napper Headshot of Chinenye Okafor
Headshot of Joe Reindl

Sara Beth Napper
Medical University of South Carolina

Chinenye Okafor
Yale University

Joe Reindl
University of Alabama - Birmingham

Healthy Me, Healthy SC

Florence Division

Executive Fellow, Charleston Clinical Operations

Headshot of Djamila Kelly Sakairoun
Headshot of Wesley Stroupe
Headshot of Maddie Taylor

Djamila Kelly Sakairoun
University of Denver

Wesley Stroupe
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Maddie Taylor
University of Louisville

Executive Fellow, Telehealth

System Operations

Lancaster Division

Headshot of Delaney Tsacoumis
Headshot of Caroline Wall Headshot of Blair Woodberry

Delaney Tsacoumis
Virginia Commonwealth University

Caroline Wall
Medical University of South Carolina

Blair Woodberry
Medical University of South Carolina

Perioperative Operations & Anesthesia

Midlands Division

Charleston Operations

  Headshot of Rachel Wright

Rachel Wright
Medical University of South Carolina


Charleston Finance


Immediate Past Fellows

Mack Altman

Mack Altman, MSDA
Western Governors University
Executive Fellow, Information Solutions

Hometown: Charleston, SC
Preceptor: Capt. Casey Baker, MSS, MSOR & Mark McMath, MBA

Major Projects

  • Program Manager, OurDay Decommission Program
  • Project Manager, Data & Analytics ServiceNow Adoption
  • IS Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Tier 3 Brief Fellow On Call Standard Operating Procedures
  • Epic Integrated Testing Coordinator for Quarterly Maintenance and Midlands Ambulatory and Enterprise Go-Live
  • Epic Automated Claims Attachment Research
  • Digital Solutions Team Design
  • Health & Wellness Vendor Information Security Initiatives
  • Midlands Acquisition Reporting Identification, Tracking, & Testing
  • IS Service Delivery Intake Mapping & Flowcharting
  • IS ServiceNow Performance Dashboards
  • The Joint Commission Command Center Operations
  • Executive Intern & Nursing PCT Hiring Initiatives


Dorian Ballard

Dorian Ballard, MHSA
University of Michigan
BIOS & Healthy Me, Healthy SC

Hometown: Detroit, MI
Preceptor: Lindley Pennekamp, MBA & David Sudduth, MBA

 Major Projects

  • Q1 &Q2 Bi-weekly System Professional Billing BTA
  • Health Services Committee Compensation Planning
  • Vizient ODP Provider Type, FTE, and Specialty Review
  • MUSCP Capital Asset Planning 
  • Chronic Disease Education RHN Integration
  • $3.5 M Programmatic Strategic Growth Planning
  • Innovation Week – Program posters and LGBTQ+ Health Session
  • Project Manager, Health Me Healthy South Carolina
    • Operationalized Multi-million Dollar Mobile Mammography Unit
    • Rural Health Clinic Integration Across Divisions 
    • Covid-19 Testing 
    • Finance and Function Targets
    • Kingstree & Anderson Health Fairs

Madison Belissary

Madison Belissary, MHA
Medical University of South Carolina
Perioperative Services & Anesthesia

Hometown: Myrtle Beach, SC
Preceptor: Tim Brendle, DNP & Jenny Ann Smoak, MHA

 Major Projects

  • Endoscopy Procedural Scheduling Transition
  • DaVinci Robotics Data Analytics Initiative
  • Hospital IQ Implementation – Perioperative Intelligence & Surgeon Access
  • OurDay Change Champion
  • CSC: SPD Opening and Expansion
  • VAT team lead for Perioperative Services
  • IUSS & Instrument Tray Quality 
  • EPIC Wait Room Implementation
  • SPD Instrument Purchasing Project
  • Blue Wrap Quality Improvement
  • OR Decompression
    • Neuro cases in RT
    • ART decompression
  • Periop & Proc. Suture Lines and Anesthesia ICCE Newsletters
  • PreOp Expansion

Braden Boyer

Braden Boyer, MHA
University of Utah
Florence Division

Hometown: Firth, ID
Preceptor: Jay Hinesley, MHA

 Major Projects

  • Florence Division Dialysis Program In-House Analysis
  • Health System Dialysis Program Analysis
  • DaVinci Robotic Supply Cost Analysis
  • Data Analytics for OR Efficiency
  • Operational Planning for Black River Hospital
    • Project Consultant, Several Division Functional Areas
  • Margin Improvement and Growth for Outpatient Services
  • Process Improvement for Unreconciled Medication Dispenses

Olubukola "Bukky" Durojaiye

Olubukola "Bukky" Durojaiye, MPH, MSHA
Barry University
Florence Division

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
Preceptor: Jay Hinesley, MHA

 Major Projects

  • Innovation Pillar MUSC Florence Division Lead
    • Innovation Week Activity Planning
  • Innovation LOS Wearable Device Pilot Program
  • Black River Medical Center Operational Planning
    • Project Manager, 10 operational & clinical functional areas
  • Process Improvement
    • Surgical Center/OR Efficiency Initiative
    • Hematology/Oncology Infusion Center Volume & Productivity Analysis
    • Specialty Ambulatory Service Clinic Efficiency & Productivity Analysis
  • Data Analysis for Length of Stay Reduction
  • Community Health Needs Assessment for Florence Division
  • Interim Practice Manager, COVID-19 Clinics Florence Division
  • COVID-19 Surge Operational Plan Creation
  • Develop 3-Year Supply Chain Plan

Heenali Fozdar

Heenali Fozdar, MHA
Medical University of South Carolina
Affiliations & Telehealth

Hometown: Lexington, SC
Preceptor: Matt Severance, MBA, MHA

 Major Projects

  • Regional Health Network Dashboard
  • Remote Patient Monitoring program’s charge release process
  • Remote Wound Monitoring – Pilot Study
  • Implementation of real estate portfolio 
  • Tele – Rheumatology & Endocrinology Project
  • Affiliate Network Leadership Conference 
  • Amputation Center of Excellence – Financial & Workflow Analysis
  • Project Manager, Black River Medical Center 
    • FTE Planning
    • Operational Planning
    • Construction Planning
  • Timeshare Clinic Analysis

Mariyah Jackson

Mariyah Jackson, MPH
Florida A&M University
Ambulatory Operations

Hometown: Detroit, MI
Preceptor: Alice Edwards, MHA

 Major Projects

  • Restructured the InBasket Messaging Pool Structure for General Surgery 
  • Implementation of SOGI system-wide
  • Integrated physician liaison program system-wide
  • Bone Health Provider Report
  • Project Manager, AssistPoint Integration
  • In Our DNA SC Operational Lead
  • MyChart Refresher Campaign
  • Standardization of the Pre-Certification Process in Ambulatory Clinics
  • 3 -Year Accountability Plan for System Finance Innovation and Optimization
  • Redesigned and Adjusted Par Levels in Holling's Supply Closets (2nd + 3rd Floor)
  • Process improvement project in the Main Adult ED
  • Standardization of Epic Downtime Forms
  • APAC/ Provider Wellness/Burnout Initiatives
  • Ambulatory CMO Newsletters

Carrie Johnson

Carrie Johnson, MHA
Medical University of South Carolina
Health Solutions & Performance Services

Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Preceptor: Cory Robinson, Ph.D., MHA

 Major Projects

  • US News and World Report Gap Analysis
  • Readiness to Train (RTAT) Survey Development and Distribution
  • Leadership Development Institute 50 
  • Value Analysis Program – Cardiology and Pathology &Lab
  • Employee Harm Policy System Standardization Development
  • Organizational Excellence Research & Gap Analysis
  • Human Resources Demand Governance 
  • Financial Impact Analysis – Midlands Employee Compensation
  • Standardizing Midlands Interview Guide and Creating Interview Training 
  • Project Manager
    • Black River Workforce
    • Get Well Network Process Improvement
    • Midlands Faith Integration
  • WestEdge Office Manager

Brooke Logsdon

Brooke Logsdon, MHA
University of Kentucky
System Quality

Hometown: Owensboro, KY
Preceptor: Danielle Scheurer, M.D., MSCR

 Major Projects

  • Malcolm Baldrige Application: Strategy & Leadership
  • Safety Committee KPI dashboard build
  • Supply chain accountability and innovation plan 
  • SHIELD implementation for the system
  • American Heart Association Heart Walk fundraising coordinator
  • Patient Safety Week 
  • Press Ganey patient safety event reporting 
  • Readmissions project team 
  • Inpatient arm band trial for alerts to improve compliance and patient safety outcomes
  • Fellowship recruitment welcome team 

Lucas Mahabir

Lucas Mahabir, MBA, MHA
University of Scranton
System Finance

Hometown: Jackson, NJ
Preceptor: Lisa Goodlett, MBA

 Major Projects

  • Workday ERP Project Budget Management
  • Finance IT Prioritization Listening Session Coordinator
  • Created the Supply Chain 3-year strategic plan
  • Designed the Supply Chain employee restructure
  • Project managed the creation of all Finance department 3-year strategic plans 
  • Restructured the systemwide payroll process and timelines
  • Created fiscal year 2023 Corporate Finance Budgets for 3 service lines
  • Lead for System Finance Digital Transformation initiatives 
  • Net Patient Revenue Dashboards
  • Joint Commission Preparation
  • System FEC Coordinator

Sarah McCue

Capt. Sarah McCue, MBA
Army-Baylor University
System Operations

Hometown: Tucson, AZ
Preceptor: Tom Crawford, Ph.D., MBA

 Major Projects

  • Specialty Pharmacy capture rate improvement
  • Citadel student health infirmary acquisition
  • Alaris pump maintenance and management
  • System microbiology insourcing
  • Kershaw/Elgin laboratory acquisition and go-live
  • Baldrige Application: Operations
  • Finance accountability plan
  • BLS instructor at CTC
  • Fellowship recruitment logistics

Dan Meehan

Dan Meehan, MHA
University of Pittsburgh
Charleston Operations

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Preceptor: Andy Trolley, MBA

 Major Projects

  • Labor Resource Committee Coordinator
  • Space Management Committee Coordinator
  • Admit Transfer Center (ATC) data reporting from Midlands for Integration Steering Committee 
  • Created ATC workflows
  • Fellowship recruitment welcome committee
  • Manage MUSC / Lifeguard vendor relationship
  • Joint Commission Preparation 
  • Interim Director of Operations duties – Oncology ICCE
    • FY23 Admin Overhead Planning Files
    • Alliance finances 
    • GRTC finances

Desiree Redman

Desiree Redman, MBA, MSN
University of North Carolina - Pembroke & Chapel Hill
Executive Fellow, Charleston Nursing Operations

Hometown: Westerville, OH
Preceptor: Patti Hart, DNP, MSN

 Major Projects

  • Charleston Bed Management
  • IV Pump Utilization and Management
  • Fellowship Recruitment Related:
  • Onsite Master Schedule
  • Co-development of Electronic Applicant Scoring Tools
  • Magnet Redesignation Steering Committee
  • Nurse's Week Planning Committee
  • Charleston Nursing 2021-23 Strategic Plan
  • Charleston Nursing Hiring Events
  • Interim Nurse Manager, University Hospital 7 East & 7 Obs

Zoë Resmondo

Zoë Resmondo, MSHA
University of Louisville
Health Solutions & Performance Services

Hometown: Knoxville, TN
Preceptor: Cory Robinson, Ph.D., MHA

 Major Projects

  • Transition of RHN into MCP for 14 functional areas
  • Framework for the PAC for all RHN outpatient clinics
  • VaxVerify platform for over 30,000 attendees of the CHS Wine + Food festival
  • Project Manager, Notable Implementation
  • EPIC in-basket messaging for primary care practices across the CHS division
  • Health Champions Concierge Medicine Program at MUSC
  • VATs for Ortho and Nursing to reduce supply chain costs
  • Fellowship recruitment onsite logistics and facilitation
  • 3 Year Accountability Plan for System Financial Operations 
  • Occupational Health COVID-19 compliance management
  • Project Manager, Midlands Go-Live cut over process
  • RHN vendor transition to McKesson

Sam Willcoxon

Samuel Willcoxon, MBA, MPH
University of Memphis
Lancaster Division

Hometown: Joplin, MO
Preceptor: Scott Broome, MHA & Richard Warrin, MBA, MPH

 Major Projects

  • Transplant Program Launch – Mid-Carolinas
  • Lancaster Female Mental Health SCDC Unit
  • Innovation Pillar Divisional Lead
  • Indian Land Strategic Initiatives Coordinator
  • Mobile MRI at Edgewater 
  • Indian Land Ortho Clinic
  • Lancaster Retail Pharmacy
  • Length of Stay Assessment – Berkeley Research Group
  • General Surgery Clinic Relocation
  • MUSC Health Lancaster Joint Commission Recertification Program Coordinator, Workplace Violence

Imari Woods

Imari Woods II, MSHSA
Regis University
Human Capital

Hometown: Detroit, MI
Preceptor: Michelle Wiles, MSOD

 Major Projects

  • Labor Resource Committee Coordinator
  • Malcolm Baldrige Application: Workforce
  • Incredible Health RN Recruitment
  • Project Manager
    • PCT Hiring Blitz
    • ServiceNow FAQ Sheets
    • 2022 Lowcountry Heart Walk
    • CHS HR Organizational Charts
    • MCP Benefits Training Sessions
    • Midlands RN Recruitment Tracking
    • LAUNCH Training: Post Training Services
    • MUSC Health & Midlands Policy Comparison
    • Charleston Travel Nurse Forecasting & Tracking
    • Leadership Development Institute: Participant Enrollment

Fellowship Alumni

Name Class University Track Current Role & Organization
 Thomas Corbett, MHA 2021 University of Kentucky System Finance Senior Financial Analyst & Project Manager, System Finance, MUSC Health
 Zakiya Cox, MPH, MSHA 2021 University of Alabama - Birmingham Information Solutions Business Manager, Surgery, UF Health Jacksonville
 Elizabeth Crowley, MHA 2021 University of Scranton Florence Division Director of Operations, Florence Division, MUSC Health
 Jake Deacon, MBA 2021 Army-Baylor University System Operations Nurse Methods Analyst, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center
 Cokeitha Gaddist, DHA 2021 Medical University of South Carolina Executive Fellow, Charleston Division Clinical Operations Director of Operations, Health, Wellness, & Human Performance ICCE, MUSC Health
Niles Goodfellow 2021 Medical University of South Carolina Perioperative Services & Anesthesia Quality and Operations Manager, Sterile Processing, MUSC Health
 Forrest Jones 2021 University of Memphis Lancaster Division Operations Manager, MUSC Health
Connor Loesing 2021 University of Missouri - Columbia Performance Services Coordinator, Performance Improvement, Olathe Health
Michaelangelo Messina 2021 University of Scranton BIOS & Performance Services  
Dwayne Morrow Jr. 2021 University of Texas - Tyler System Quality Director, Community Impact, East Harris County Empowerment Council
Hanna Porter 2021 Medical University of South Carolina  Health Solutions Manager, Health Solutions, MUSC Health
 David Redden 2021 Medical University of South Carolina Affiliations & System Development Senior Internal Consultant, Health Solutions, MUSC Health
Shimoni Shah 2021 George Washington University System Strategy Project Coordinator, Facilities Planning
Carter Shelton 2021 John Hopkins University Ambulatory Operations Business Development, Manager, Practice, Acquisitions, & Growth, MUSC Health
James Appleby, MHA 2020 Medical University of South Carolina Performance Services Director of Operations, MUSC Health
Elizabeth Baer, MHA 2020 Medical University of South Carolina Ambulatory Operations Ambulatory Operations Specialist, MUSC Health
Arjita Bhargava, MHA 2020 University of Scranton Human Capital HR Business Partner, MUSC Health
Larrin Collins, MHA 2020 University of Kentucky Office of the CEO Assistant Director, Ambulatory Operations, UK HealthCare
Shawn Gathers, DHA 2020 Medical University of South Carolina Information Solutions Program Manager, Governmental Affairs Legislative, MUSC Health
Jackson Ingalls, MHA 2020 Medical University of South Carolina System Finance Manager, Partner Success, DispatchHealth
Andrew Irwin, MHA 2020 University of Florida MUSCP Finance Project Manager, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Abby Kenny, MHA 2020 University of Missouri - Columbia System Quality Program Coordinator, Regulatory, Saint Luke's North Hospital
Tim Mladenetz, MBA 2020 Saint Joseph's University System Strategy Analyst, Strategic Decision Support, Penn Medicine
Kimberlyn Whitaker, MBA 2020 Army-Baylor University System Operations Director, Clinical Operations, Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center
Brody Williamson, MBA, MSHA 2020 University of Alabama - Birmingham System Finance Administrator, Operational Strategy, Articularis Healthcare Group
Aykhan Alibayli, MPH 2019 Yale University Quality & Patient Safety Product Advisor, Ambulatory Solutions, Vizient
Matthew Corso, MHA 2019 University of Scranton Perioperative Services & Anesthesia Program Manager, 340B, MedCura Health
Reed Dufour, MHA 2019 Tulane University Finance Coordinator, Financial Performance Improvement, Slidell Memorial Hospital
Nicole Freitas, MSHA 2019 University of Alabama - Birmingham Ambulatory Operations Senior Customer Relations Manager, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Angel Ho, MHA 2019 University of Kentucky System Strategy Business Manager, Cancer & Blood Diseases Institute, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Georgia Keith, MHA 2019 Medical University of South Carolina Ambulatory Operations Director of Operations, Affiliations, MUSC Health
Christina Stewart, MHA 2019 University of Florida Finance Practice Director, Cardiology, Lee Health
Ashlynn Williams, MPH 2019 University of Toledo Information Solutions Administrator, A Place Called Home Youth Services
Chad Breeden, MHA 2018 Colorado State University Global   Consultant, Client Services, Mavens
Lauren Craig, MBA, MSHA 2018 University of Alabama - Birmingham   Executive Director, Health Choice of Alabama
Bridget Graham, MBA 2018 Clarkson University   Consultant, HTS
Amy Jackson, MHA 2018 Medical University of South Carolina   Director of Operations, Genetics & Genomics ICCE, MUSC Health
Nathalie Occean, MHA 2018 University of Memphis   Chief Operating Officer, MedHaul
Anna Patrusheva, MHA 2018 Tulane University   Director of Operations, Boston Medical Center
Bill Stalvey, MHA 2018 Medical University of South Carolina   Division Administrator, Cardiology, MUSC Health
Johanna Sullivan 2018   University  
Shirina Whig, MHA 2018 Medical University of South Carolina   Director, Human Resources, MUSC Health
 Ruta Buckhorn, MHA 2017 Medical University of South Carolina    Manager, Ambulatory Services, MUSC Health
Peter Gardella, MBA 2017 Liberty University   Director, Telehealth Operations & Nursing, MUSC Health
Kait McGoldrick, MHA 2017 Medical University of South Carolina  
Eric McLean, MHA  2017 Penn State University   Corporate Planner, Vidant Health
Maggie Prezioso, MHA 2017 Medical University of South Carolina   Project Manager, Palmetto Health - USC Medical Group
Chasity Ramos, MHA 2017 Medical University of South Carolina   Quality Specialist, Care Coordination Institute
Dennis Zeng, MBA, MS 2017 Clarkson University System Finance Director, Financial Data & Analytics, VillageCare