COVID-19 Donations to MUSC Health

MUSC Health is receiving numerous contacts from businesses, community organizations, and individuals who want to help provide necessary and in-demand health care supplies, as well as food and financial donations. Please see the frequently asked questions below for answers that should help those wishing to connect with MUSC Health in this way.

The following items are in high demand and donations are appreciated.

General supplies:

  • N95 masks
  • Surgical masks
  • Protective eyewear
  • Face guards and face shields
  • Sterile gloves
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Industrial cleaning wipes
  • Thermometers (all kinds)
  • Plastic spray bottles, 12 oz or greater

Pharmacy needs:

  • Hydroxychloroquine
  • Azithromycin
  • Ethanol
  • 200 proof USP-grade alcohol

How do I donate or sell supplies, such as masks, hand sanitizer, or other items from my company to MUSC Health?

As a state-supported institution, MUSC Health must follow established procurement processes. Naturally, certain types of supplies must be verified as sterile or we are not permitted to purchase or accept them as donations. If you are interested in making donations of goods, please send an email to A response will be provided within a 24-hour business day. 

Where can I drop off supplies for donation to MUSC Health?

Donations may be dropped off at 4295 Arco Lane Charleston, SC 29418, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MUSC employees may drop off donations before their shift on the 8th floor of the Main Hospital extension, formerly the Children's NICU space. Any donations collection sites must be discussed, vetted and agreed to with a hospital supply chain team member before being disclosed. Individual MUSC or MUSC Health team members are not able to declare sites for drop-off without permission from supply chain, public safety and hospital security leaders. 

Is MUSC currently accepting hand-sewn masks?

While MUSC care providers are not currently using hand-sewn masks, we are accepting these donations. The appropriate use of these cloth masks will be evaluated by infection control and infectious disease experts. If hand-sewn masks become necessary, they will be sanitized and sterilized before entering circulation.

How can I support MUSC's physicians, nurses and other employees by donating food?

Visit our food donations page to learn about supporting the nutritional needs of MUSC employees through meal deliveries, donations to the pantry project, and more.

What if I’d like to donate money to MUSC or MUSC Health?

As always, one of the best ways to connect with MUSC or MUSC Health to make a donation is by visiting the MUSC giving website. If you would like to make a gift by phone or have a more detailed or specific gift concept to discuss, please call 843-792-2678.