MUSC launches Celebrate!, an online rewards and recognition program

January 02, 2024
Four people smile. In the center are the words Celebrate and recognize. Below that it says welcome to celebrate. It's no secret thatMUSC's greatest strength is our faculty, staff and care team. This platform was created to shine a spotlight on your efforts, commitment and achievements, but also to deepen our sense of community. No matter where you are or what your role, you are an integral part of OneMUSC, and you have my deepest gratitude for the invaluable contributions you make every day. We see you. We appreciate you. And we celebrate you. It's signed by David J. Cole, M.D., FACS, President, MUSC.
MUSC employees have new ways to recognize colleagues’ contributions and earn awards.

Sometimes, people write emails to colleagues thanking them for a favor or their hard work on a project or congratulating them on an event such as a birthday or the adoption of a pet. But unless they tell others about that email, nobody else knows they wrote it.

At the Medical University of South Carolina, a new rewards and recognition program called Celebrate! gives employees a fresh way to spread positive comments and good news. MUSC President David Cole, M.D., announced its arrival in a video message to employees. “It's going to transform how we elevate each other and provide an opportunity to shine a spotlight on our greatest asset at MUSC: you,” he said.

David J. Cole, MD 
Dr. David Cole

Celebrate! offers a feed of comments from employees about other employees, with options for readers to comment and like the posts. It will soon also include ways for employees to earn points that go toward certificates, gift cards and merchandise. All recognition in Celebrate! is linked to one of MUSC’s core values: compassion, collaboration, respect, innovation or integrity. Celebrate! also showcases service milestones, life events and community celebrations.

Cole’s chief of staff, Dawn Hartsell, took on the task of organizing the employee recognition effort as a personal goal to ensure that an appropriate team was established to get the site up and running. “It's easy to use and a powerful tool to recognize people. I am proud of the team’s hard work and dedication to make this a reality. It was a necessary element to help our MUSC family members feel connected to the organization again,” she said.

“And that was one thing that we really felt was lacking after COVID. A lot of employees felt disconnected, especially considering the hybrid and remote work that was taking place. This was a top priority for leadership at MUSC, and I wanted to make sure that I got behind it and ensured that the team had the support they needed to make it happen.”

A woman wearing a dress leans forward to take a photo of a brick. 
Tennelle Jones, recognized through one of MUSC's other programs for honoring employees, photographs a brick with her name on it in front of the Drug Discovery Building. Photo by Sarah Pack

She and the team have been working with Paula Sutton, program manager for Celebrate!, on the launch. Sutton called Celebrate! a wonderful addition to MUSC’s options for honoring employees, which also include Service Awards and Values in Action.

“One of the great benefits of Celebrate! is the ability to easily recognize or acknowledge someone from your desktop or from the mobile app. A simple thank you or congratulations means so much coming from a peer and/or leader,’” Sutton said.

The site soft-launched in early December, with some employees already finding their way to it. Others who see their posts have been liking and commenting on them. But posts don’t have to be visible to everyone. Sutton said users can choose their privacy settings and opt to keep any recognition private.

Cole encouraged everyone to embrace Celebrate!, whether they prefer to use it in a low-key way or they want to ensure their posts get widespread recognition. “Get ready because we're going to celebrate each other like never before. Thank you for all you do every day. And here's to continuing to build one MUSC together,” the MUSC president said.

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