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Man in a suit standing at a podium. There is a sign saying MUSC Health behind him.

Heart Failure Treatment

February 15, 2024

Cardiologist: “I want to make sure that everything that they offer at Charleston, except for transplant, will be offered here at MUSC Columbia."

Dr. Daniel Judge speaking with a colleague

Heart Failure Drug

January 16, 2024

Novel drug shows promise for helping people with a type of heart failure that once left them facing dire prognoses and declining quality of life.

Nanowired human cardiac organoids for heart repair. Image created by Ryan Barrs using BioRender.

Engineering Heart Repair

September 13, 2023

Nanowired cardiac organoids could one day repair hearts instead of just preventing further damage.

illustration of a heart with lines showing its rhythm next to it.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

September 05, 2023

After Omar Clunis collapsed, gasping for air, a nearby athletic trainer helped save his life and showed the importance of expert aid.

All three boys wearing blue superhero costumes, with yellow stars on front and a red cape.

Three MUSCeteers

June 15, 2023

Jackson, Lino and Bennett got their nickname because they are inseparable. And it's that bond that might just be the edge they need to beat the odds.

A woman and man smile in a hospital bed. The man is the patient. She is visiting him.

Complex Aortic Disease

March 27, 2023

MUSC Health first in South Carolina to implant novel device for patients with complex aortic disease.

Dr. Joseph Schoepf is standing and resting his arm on a machine. He is wearing a white doctor's coat.

Noninvasive Heart Check

December 05, 2022

MUSC helps test noninvasive approach to testing for coronary artery disease, the most common type of heart problem.

Boy in a red sweater wearing a Christmas light necklace smiles in front of the Angel Tree.

Angel Tree Lighting

November 15, 2022

A little boy waiting for a heart transplant left onlookers’ hearts full as he helped launch MUSC’s Angel Tree effort.

Dr. Katz stands in a room, wearing a VR headset and a pair of scrubs. His hands are out in front of him like he's conducting an orchestra

AR Surgery

May 25, 2022

If Clearview Surgical and Dr. Marc Katz have their way, AR could be the future of surgery in the not-too-distant future.

a female doctor in white coat stands behind a counter speaking to two nurses, whose backs are to the camera

Specialty ED

May 23, 2022

A specialty emergency room on the MUSC Health Charleston campus means more streamlined care.

Showing 1 – 10 (of 42)