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Red coronavirus particle on a yellow background. The virus is on a black line that goes up and down and then flat to show that life has ended.

COVID Perspective

January 20, 2023

SCDHEC reports almost 70 COVID deaths in weekly update, up more than 60% compared with previous month’s weekly average. An MUSC scientist offers perspective.

Red globes on a blue background. The globes have lighter blue spikes sticking out from them.

COVID Update

January 11, 2023

“The data is speaking. It's saying, we're probably at a point where it would make sense for people to take precautions for a short period of time.”

a doctor in bright pink sweater and blue bow tie speaks with a nurse in a hallway

Cancer & COVID

December 22, 2022

Although their immune systems have trouble producing antibodies on their own, a monoclonal antibody protected blood cancer patients from severe COVID.

Various tools on blue blackground. Image by Dmitry Gladkov. Licensed from iStock.

COVID-19 toolkit

December 05, 2022

As the virus has evolved and evidence has accumulated, the COVID-19 toolkit for adults has changed. Learn which tools current research shows are effective.

Ronald Teufel, II, M.D. (left) in conversation with Andrew Atz, M.D. (right)

Pediatric Covid Treatment

November 16, 2022

A study conducted at 42 children’s hospitals showed a lower-than-expected compliance rate with recently released guidelines for COVID-19 care.

Red balls with holes in them representing the coronavirus.

Upward Trend

November 09, 2022

As COVID case numbers rise in areas monitored by MUSC, the leader of COVID-19 tracking team shares his perspective – and some advice heading into holidays.

Student Mental Health

September 19, 2022

Students were not alone managing anxiety, depression, grief during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to CAPS services.

Bivalent booster distribution

September 13, 2022

MUSC Health Primary Care clinics are distributing the new bivalent booster capable of fighting off Omicron's subvariants.

Translucent bubbles mix with red and gray coronavirus particles in an illustration of the virus.

Endemic Phase?

September 02, 2022

It’s a time of transition for COVID testing scientists at MUSC as one lab leader says we may be moving toward an endemic phase.

close up of syringe being stuck into vial of vaccine

Omicron booster

September 01, 2022

With the FDA's blessing already, a new Omicron booster is simply awaiting the rubber stamp of the CDC, before being rolled out as early as next week.

Showing 1 – 10 (of 288)