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Mary Mauldin

August 02, 2022

She's been known as an innovator in instructional technology, an educator, a leader and mentor to faculty, staff and students.

a woman walks alongside a man in business attire using walking supports

Sarcoma Survivor

July 13, 2022

Charleston police chief Luther Reynolds believes in living with purpose – especially after losing a leg to cancer.

Pug on a surfboard wearing sunglasses

Q&A 19

July 11, 2022

Vaccine guru Dr. Danielle Scheurer helps make sense of boosters, random health care charges and everything else weighing on our minds as summer hits full stride

photo of sailboats with people sitting with their legs hanging over and the city visible in the background

Research Regatta

July 11, 2022

Hollings and the Charleston Ocean Racing Association will host the MUSC Hollings Cup Regatta in Charleston Harbor to raise funds for lifesaving cancer research.

A woman gives a little boy a vaccine as his mother holds him

Little Shots

June 21, 2022

MUSC is now administering vaccinations to kids under the age of 5.

Photo collage featuring four shots of the same man in a variety of close up poses

Positive Exposure

June 03, 2022

A chance meeting between Dr. Michelle Ziegler and photographer Rick Guidotti is changing the way people see MUSC's dental clinic.

in an exam room, a doctor stands and looks at a computer screen while a patient stands slightly behind her also looking at the screen

Surviving Cervical Cancer

May 27, 2022

After a routine well-woman visit led to a diagnosis of cervical cancer, Sara Couch wondered if she would see her baby's first birthday.

a man running in a race in a tree lined park wears an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt and floppy hat and grins for the camera while gesturing to the runner next to him

Raising Awareness

May 27, 2022

After surviving testicular cancer, Michael Wiegand uses humor to raise awareness and money for research.

Dr. Katz stands in a room, wearing a VR headset and a pair of scrubs. His hands are out in front of him like he's conducting an orchestra

AR Surgery

May 25, 2022

If Clearview Surgical and Dr. Marc Katz have their way, AR could be the future of surgery in the not-too-distant future.

picture of pharmacist Emily Ware, who helps people quit smoking, and patient Kimberley Trump side hugging and smiling at the camera

Help to Quit

May 25, 2022

Kimberley Trump had tried over the years to quit smoking. With the help of the MUSC Tobacco Treatment Program, she thinks she's finally succeeded.

Showing 1 – 10 (of 225)