Patient Dining Services

Eating well during your hospital stay will contribute to a quicker and better recovery. To ensure that you eat well, Sodexo offers the patient room service system, At Your Request®. This room service system is like being in a hotel instead of a hospital. Patients can call and order the foods they want, when they want it! A restaurant style menu is located on the patient's bedside table and is geared to increase food variety and to bolster patient satisfaction.

How to Order

Patients can place a meal order in three easy steps.

  • Review your restaurant style menu located on the bedside table
  • Choose what you would like to order
  • Dial *111 and place your order between 7 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. The call center staff will let you know when your tray should arrive.

If a patient is not able to call and place their menu order, a room service customer representative will assist. To order menus from outside the hospital, dial 843-792-3892.

If you are on a restricted diet, use our diet-specific menu suggestions to identify the foods allowed on our restaurant style menu.

Special Considerations

  • Some menu items may not be allowed if your physician has prescribed a special diet for you. Our room service customer representatives will be happy to assist you with your selections.
  • Accommodations for special requests such as vegetarian or kosher diets are provided.
  • Patients with diabetes utilize the Consistent Carbohydrate (CHO) system. This system allows patients to choose any foods to meet the carbohydrate level ordered by their physician.
  • For patients requiring a picture-associated menu, including Spanish and English text, the following four are available to assist you.

To access the menu ordering instructions in your preferred language, select one of the following:

To order your menu, dial *111 and select the language option of your choice. An interpreter will translate your menu order for the call center representative.

  • Basic diet education information brochures are available for patients. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the call center at 843-792-3892 and requesting a visit from a clinical dietitian.

Family members of patients are encouraged to utilize the MUSC food court options or provide their own meals.

If you do not want to leave the patient's bedside, or you want to enjoy a meal with a patient, call Pandini's (PDF) at 843-792-1215 Monday thru Friday between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. to place an order that will be delivered to the patient's room for you.

In situations when this is not possible, meal assistance may be available upon assessment by the patient's social worker.