Meet Our Team

Alicia Culler

Alicia Culler | Business Health Director

Alicia Culler joined MUSC Health in 2016 to lead the development and administration of the Business Health program. Driven by her commitment to improving the health of South Carolina's workforce, she is dedicated to helping organizations create healthy and thriving work environments for their employees. 

Under her leadership, MUSC Health has established partnerships with over 350 local, regional, and global organizations from a variety of industries, including education, entertainment, hospitality, government, manufacturing, transportation, and utilities. 

Alicia holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business with an emphasis in Marketing and a minor in Japanese from the University of Georgia. She has also earned certifications from the National Wellness Institute as a Worksite Wellness Specialist and from Wellcoaches and ACLM: Lifestyle Medicine for Coaches.

Aynsley Birkner

Aynsley Birkner | Liaison

Aynsley Birkner stepped into her role as Business Health Liaison when the Back2Business product launched in May 2020. She collaborates with clients to develop COVID-19 infection control strategies and facilitates the implementation of MUSC Business Health programs and services.

Aynsley came to Business Health with 7 years of experience in community outreach and health education, having worked for MUSC’s Boeing Center for Children’s Wellness and the Pediatric Trauma & Injury Prevention Program. She is passionate about health promotion and empowering individuals with the knowledge and resources necessary to achieve their health and wellness goals.
In her free time, Aynsley enjoys outdoor adventures, cooking, and sports.

Regina Creech

Regina Creech | Liaison

Regina is a dedicated professional and is passionate about implementing intervention programs that result in measurable change. She brings over 20 years of public health, community outreach, and project management experience to the team. In her role, Regina is charged with creating and expanding relationships with industry partners to develop, implement, and evaluate effective Business Health programs.

Regina joined MUSC Health in 2012 as the Injury Prevention and Outreach Coordinator for the Adult Level 1 Trauma Center. In this role, she managed outreach programs targeting motor vehicle crashes, adult falls, gun violence, and other priority prevention areas. She formerly worked for the South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services on a federally funded program to reduce DUI car crashes and underage drinking. She additionally managed the Charleston Air Force Base Health and Wellness Center providing wellness programs to active duty members, retirees, and dependents.

Regina is a board member of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention South Carolina Chapter and the National Safety Council South Carolina-Georgia Chapter. She is a member and past president of the South Carolina Association for the Advancement of Health Education.

Regina received her Master of Science in Kinesiology/Health Promotion from the University of Kentucky and is credentialed as a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES). In her free time, Regina enjoys exercising, cycling, and spending time with her family, dog Rufus, and cats Sullivan and Tybee.

Tiletha Lane

Tiletha Lane | Business Development Manager

Tiletha Lane is the Business Development Manager for the Business Health department at MUSC Health. In this role, she works to maintain strong working relationships with Business Health clients to ensure successful execution of MUSC Health programs and services for our partners.

Tiletha manages onsite health and wellness events, provides oversight for operational efficiencies, and develops the marketing plan as it pertains to Business Health. Tiletha is customer service driven. She has worked with MUSC Health for the past six years and brings a diverse background in marketing, recruitment, business development, and fundraising experience to the team. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,

Tiletha has been instrumental in setting up services for our Business Health’s Back2Business clients as it relates to testing and vaccine needs.

Jerrica Lee

Jerrica Lee | Liaison

Jerrica Lee, BSN, RN, transferred to the Business Health team from the pandemic response team to serve as the on-site Covid Compliance Officer (CCO) for the cast and crew members of HBO’s comedy series, The Righteous Gemstones. She's a graduate of Bethune-Cookman University and completed her bachelor’s in nursing. She enjoys activities with her family, volunteering, exercising, and spending time outdoors.

Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor | Liaison Coordinator

Ryan Taylor BSN, RN is the Business Health Liaison Coordinator at MUSC Health where she leads a team of public health trained liaisons in providing COVID-19-specific infection prevention strategies to businesses, schools, and events across the state and collaborates with MUSC Health resources to enhance health and wellbeing within the community and local workforce.

Ryan Taylor began working as an RN in 2018, specializing in Adult Emergency Nursing at MUSC Health’s Adult Emergency Department. Ryan won the Global Health Emergency Nurse of the Year award in 2019 for her global health work in Uganda at the Masindi-Kitara Medical Center in collaboration with Dr. Lacey MenkinSmith and participated in a poster presentation for ACEP 2020 titled “Educational Outcomes of Nursing-Focused Triage and Shock Management Course in Rural Ugandan Hospital.”

Her passion for global and public health led Ryan to join forces with a team of medical professionals to create the Back2Business program where she has provided consultative services to businesses and organizations including restaurants, hotels, schools, infrastructure, and the arts. Ryan hopes to grow the Back2Business program in the community beyond the COVID-19 pandemic into targeting upstream health and wellness efforts.

Ryan is a hobby musician (with a degree in Music Education) who loves to travel, be in nature, and sail with her husband and 2 cats.

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