LGBTQ+ Services We Provide

LGBTQ+ Primary Care

Primary Care: Women

As a lesbian or bisexual woman, the providers at the Medical University want you to feel completely comfortable talking about everything that can impact your health.

Did you know that lesbians and bisexual women:

  • Are more likely to have risk factors for breast cancer?
  • Have higher risks for certain types of gynecological cancers?
  • Are more likely to be overweight, contributing to heart issues?

MUSC Health Primary Care is pleased to offer a wide range of medical care services. Our providers take time to know you and your personal health history, partnering with you for lifelong wellness.

Primary Care: Men

MUSC Health offers the full range of primary medical care services by providers who are your partners in leading a healthier and happier life and who will encourage you to talk about all issues that could impact your health.

Did you know that gay and bisexual men:

  • Have a greater risk of becoming HIV-positive and contracting an STD?
  • Have higher rates of dependence on alcohol and recreational drugs?
  • Are more likely to experience depression and anxiety?
  • Are more likely to have an eating disorder and body image issues?

Thinking about going on PrEP? Learn more here or schedule a visit to discuss with one of our doctors or providers.

HIV-Care at the MUSC Health’s Infectious Disease Clinic

Infectious Disease Clinic

We detect the early signs of an infectious disease and provide ongoing care in our dedicated clinic. We take time to get to know you, including important details about your health history, so we can tailor treatments to meet your needs.

Complete Care for People Living with HIV

You can trust our team to deliver many of the services you need, including primary care and treatment for HIV complications. We also help make your life a little easier with special services, including emotional support.

Inpatient Diagnosis & Treatment

If you are in the hospital for another medical condition and experience the symptoms of an infectious disease, we are here for you any time of the day or night. We perform an evaluation and get you started on treatment as quickly as possible.

Mental Health

Individual Therapy

The Medical University of South Carolina offers psychotherapy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and welcomes all cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

Counselors include masters and doctoral-level staff (both licensed and license-eligible) and pre- and post-graduate master's and doctoral-level trainees, interns, and practicum students. Psychiatric consultations are also available.

Some of the issues people seek treatment for include depression, anxiety, relationships, HIV, substance abuse, domestic/intimate partner abuse and violence, and coming-out support. Most therapy is short-term, usually 16 sessions. Group therapy may go on for longer periods of time.

Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs

If patients are diagnosed with drug or alcohol dependency in addition to psychiatric disorders, addiction specialists from the Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs (CDAP) department will join the treatment team.

Support Groups

Group therapy provides benefits that individual therapy may not, including the support of many others.

The Medical University of South Carolina offers a variety of group therapy sessions, led by medical professionals or counselors.

HIV-Related Services

HIV STD Testing

The Medical University of South Carolina’s Infectious Diseases Clinic has been caring for people with HIV since the beginning days of the epidemic. We offer services that include support those living with HIV, including medical care, clinical trials, individual and group counseling, an on-site pharmacy, support groups, and more.

PREP- the Pill to Prevent HIV

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, or PrEP, is medication that can help prevent HIV infection. It involves taking a pill called Truvada which, if taken daily over a period of time, can prevent HIV from infecting healthy cells.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in encouraging sexually active gay and bisexual men to consider PrEP. Meet with one of our doctors or other health care providers to learn whether PrEP is right for you. If it is, we can write and fill a prescription for it.

Dental Health Care

In addition to medical care services, the Medical University of South Carolina’s dental programs are committed to making LGBTQ+ individuals feel relaxed from the moment they walk through the door. MUSC’s faculty practice includes dentists who belong to the GLMA. They provide all dental services in a safe space.