Outpatient Adult Palliative Care

Palliative Care Outside of the Hospital

MUSC Palliative care provides various options for those needing services outside of the hospital. Services in the clinic setting include symptom management, care coordination with your other medical providers, ongoing discussions related to treatment choices, and quality of life goals. Our outpatient care team includes doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers, and nurses.

  • Pain and symptom management: We help you get relief from pain and stubborn side effects of treatments, including nausea, shortness of breath, anxiety, and more. Even if other solutions haven’t worked, we may be able to help.
  • Care coordination: Palliative care team members help you and your loved ones learn more about your care options so you can make good decisions. We can also help you communicate your wishes to your medical team.
  • Assistance with practical matters: Our palliative care social workers help solve problems and address barriers to care. For example, we will help coordinate completion of advanced directives, refer you to community resources, and explain your health insurance options.
  • Emotional support: Our team lends a caring ear anytime you or your loved ones need it. We also help you find healthy ways to cope with stress, such as meditation and relaxation techniques.

Outpatient palliative care appointments can be scheduled at the following locations in the Charleston area:

  • Rutledge Tower (Downtown Charleston)
  • Health East Cooper (Mount Pleasant)
  • For Oncology patients:
    • Hollings Cancer Center (Downtown Charleston)
    • North Charleston Elms (North Charleston)
  • For Heart Failure patients
    • Ashely River Tower (Downtown Charleston)

For palliative care services outside of the hospital, request a referral from your healthcare provider. You may also make a self-referral or get more information by calling the number below.

Contact Numbers for Outpatient Services

Palliative Care Clinic: 843-985-7255 (PALL)